ADSL Router Forensics Part 1: An Introduction to a New Source of Electronic Evidence

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Edith Cowan University


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School of Computer and Information Science, Centre for Security Research




This article was originally published as: Szewczyk, P. S. (2007). ADSL Router Forensics Part 1: An introduction to a new source of electronic evidence. Proceedings of Australian Digital Forensics Conference. (pp. 118-126). Perth, Western Australia. Edith Cowan University. Original article available here


Currently there appears to be a lack of research in the area of developing tools, testing methodologies, and creating standards for ADSL router forensics. The paper examines a wide range of literature and introduces the concept of ADSL router forensics as a new and potential field of research for digital forensics investigators. It begins by examining why there is a need for router forensics by detailing some of the more common threats which consumers may experience while online. An outline will be provided discussing the feasibility, limitations and potential risks of router forensics. The paper will then examine one possible avenue for undertaking router forensics and how this applies to the Linksys WRT54g and finally portrays where the research will continue to hereafter.

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