Bangla translation, adaptation and piloting of Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale

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Originally published as: Gausia, K., Hamadani, J. D., Islam, M. M., Ali, M., Algin, S., Yunus, M., ... & Oosthuizen, J. (2008). Bangla translation, adaptation and piloting of Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale. Bangladesh Medical Research Council Bulletin, 33(3), 81-87. Original article available here


Standardized questionnaires for screening common health problems in the community often need to be translated for use in non-English speaking countries. There is a lack of literature documenting the process of translation of such questionnaire/scale that would enable their application in cross-cultural settings and standardization of the procedure. This paper reports the process of translation into Bangla of the widely used Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) for use in Bangladesh. Three methods: forward translation, committee translation, and back translation were used to ensure the equivalence of the translated version. Both the English and Bangla versions were piloted among 10 social science graduates who were proficient in both the languages. The concurrence of each respondent between the two versions showed a correlation coefficient of 0.98 (p<0.01). The Bland-Altman test also showed a high degree of agreement. The piloted version was also tested with 15 women in the postnatal period and found to be suitable for women with lower educational attainment. The documentation of the translation process and the lessons learnt would be helpful in similar settings where screening questionnaires need to be adapted for local use.



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