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This article was originally published as: Barnes, S., & Armstrong, E. M. (2010). Conversation after right hemisphere brain damage: Motivations for applying conversation analysis. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 24(1), 55-69. Original article available here


Despite the well documented pragmatic deficits that can arise subsequent to Right Hemisphere Brain Damage (RHBD), few researchers have directly studied everyday conversations involving people with RHBD. In recent years, researchers have begun applying Conversation Analysis (CA) to the everyday talk of people with aphasia. This research programme has provided novel insights into the complex inter-relationship between impairment, language use, and interactional organization. This paper will argue that the detailed, inductive approach of CA is well suited to investigating pragmatic communication disorders resulting from RHBD, and will help to elaborate previous findings about RHBD and conversation. In particular, this paper will review and discuss previous investigations of conversation after RHBD, and put forward arguments relating to how CA might be applied to talk-in-interaction involving people with RHBD.


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