Influencing Behaviour Change in General Practice (Part 1): Brief Intervention and Motivational Interviewing

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Journal Article


Computing, Health and Science


Nursing, Midwifery and Postgrad Medicine, SIRCH




This article was originally published as: Sim, M. G., Wain, T., & Khong, E. (2009). Influencing behaviour change in general practice: Part 1-brief intervention and motivational interviewing. Australian family physician, 38(11), 885-888. Original article available here


Background: Behaviour change toward achieving a healthy lifestyle is important for all Australians, and general practitioners have a key role to play in assisting patients to make these changes. Objective: This is the first of a two part series which provides the background to approaches to influencing behaviour change in general practice, from brief interventions to motivational interviewing (MI). The second part of the series will explore motivational interviewing in more detail. Discussion: General practitioners have a key role in changing their patients' health behaviours. There are a range of tools GPs can use to help enhance their patients' motivation to achieve their health goals.