What the British Papers said on the Second Anniversary of the London Bombings

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This article was originally published as: Kabir, N. A., & Green, L. R. (2008). What the British Papers said on the Second Anniversary of the London Bombings. Proceedings of Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Conference, ANZCA08: Power and Place. Wellington, New Zealand. Massey University. Original article available here


In our previous refereed ANZCA conference paper, presented in July 2007, we discussed what the British newspapers (four British broadsheets and four tabloids) said on the first anniversary of the London bombings. We discussed the pattern of reporting, whether it was “nationalistic”, and whether it was “discriminatory”. In this paper we examine the same newspapers and evaluate how they reported on the second anniversary of London bombing and what that says about the continuing development of the British response to this terrorist attack. In this paper we take our argument beyond perceptions of “nationalistic” and “discriminatory” to raise the issue of whether such coverage can be construed as inspiring terrorists to commit more violence for media publicity.