Burns education for non-burn specialist clinicians in Western Australia

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Journal Article




Health, Engineering and Science


School of Nursing & Midwifery




This article was originally published as: McWilliams, T., Hendricks, J., Twigg, D., & Wood, F. (2015). Burns education for non-burn specialist clinicians in Western Australia. Burns, 41(2), 301-307. Original article available here


Background: Burn patients often receive their initial care by non-burn specialist clinicians, with increasingly collaborative burn models of care. The provision of relevant and accessible education for these clinicians is therefore vital for optimal patient care. Design/methods: A two phase design was used. A state-wide survey of multidisciplinary nonburn specialist clinicians throughout Western Australia identified learning needs related to paediatric burn care. A targeted education programme was developed and delivered live via videoconference. Pre-post-test analysis evaluated changes in knowledge as a result of attendance at each education session. Results: Non-burn specialist clinicians identified numerous areas of burn care relevant to their practice. Statistically significant differences between perceived relevance of care and confidence in care provision were reported for aspects of acute burn care. Following attendance at the education sessions, statistically significant increases in knowledge were noted for most areas of acute burn care. Conclusions: Identification of learning needs facilitated the development of a targeted education programme for non-burn specialist clinicians. Increased non-burn specialist clinician knowledge following attendance at most education sessions supports the use of videoconferencing as an acceptable and effective method of delivering burns education in Western Australia.