Brian Field


With the complexity and strange language of Information Technology, too often the "computer geeks" are handed the responsibility of developing information systems without sufficient control and vision from the administrative and user side of the business. This often leads to a system that is disjointed, poorly integrated and ultimately a disappointment to the user and business as a whole.

This discussion will be high on vision and low on "techno babble" with the aim to bringing some understanding of the role and benefits of Information Technology in the business and vision of EMS.

This discussion will provide an overview of several EMS technologies, beginning with the Electronic Patient Report. The discussion will demonstrate the need for the development of, and integration with several other IT systems. These systems, among others, will include human resource databases, online training/certification systems, medical device information and dispatch systems. The discussion will show how it all needs to fit together into an enterprise wide system to become useful to the paramedic and their management.

Several integration, network and data validation challenges will be identified which will demonstrate the need for high level understanding and commitment to the system as a whole as EMS begins to invest in Information Technology

The presentation will also include an overview of IT expenditure as a portion of total expenditure in Health as compared to other sectors such as Finance...and a comparison of IT expenditures of EMS within Health Care.

At the end of the discussion the participant should have a better sense of the tremendous potential IT offers to EMS and the importance of developing a road map to getting there.