There is a sparsity of quality Australian pre-hospital research and a lack of a repository that lists current and completed research projects within Australia. There is also a lack of knowledge about how to easily access relevant pre-hospital articles.

Due to a lack of epidemiology education in current paramedic courses there is a lack of understanding by Australian pre-hospital care providers of the various epidemiological study types and medical literature searching processes. A need for links to abstracts of relevant pre-hospital topics may be an interim requirement until there is a better understanding by pre-hospital care providers of epidemiological study types and the methods of locating relevant pre-hospital articles.

The first part of the paper demonstrates the access to current research projects and a list of published and non-published Australian research articles in an internet data repository. The second part of the paper demonstrates the access to internationally published pre-hospital abstracts, and where available the complete article, for articles covering general and specific topics, eg rapid sequence induction for head injuries. This linkage is to the public domain Medline service PubMed.

This paper will demonstrate a web based repository for pre-hospital research articles and how it can be used as well as pre-established links to specific types of pre-hospital articles available in the public domain.

Author Biography

Mal Boyle ADipBus (GenAdmin), BInfoTech, MClinEpi, PhD

Mal is a senior lecturer at Monash University - Department of Community Emergency Health & Paramedic Practice teaching primarily evidence-based paramedic practice to undergraduate students. Primary research interests include prehospital trauma management and linking of ambulance datasets to other health related datasets and subsequent analysis. Mal is still a practicing Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) Paramedic in rural Victoria.