Author Biography

Dr. Heather Buchan is Chief Executive Officer of the National Institute of Clinical Studies in Australia. After training in New Zealand as a public health physician specialising in medical management, Dr. Buchan became interested in improving uptake of research knowledge while undertaking post-graduate studies in epidemiology as an Oxford Nuffield Medical Scholar. Dr. Buchan has worked in New Zealand, the UK and Australia, in hospital, academic and government sectors. She is on the board of the International Society for Quality in Health care and is a member of the Australian Council for Safety & Quality in Health Care.

Professor Chris Baggoley holds the Chair of Emergency Medicine at Adelaide University, is Director of the Emergency Department at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Adviser in Emergency Medicine to the South Australian Department of Health. He also Chairs the Medical Advisory Committee of the South Australian Ambulance Service, the Australian Medical Council review of training programs of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, and the AMC/CPMC Overseas Trained Specialist Committee. Professor Baggoley is a past Chairman of the Committee of Presidents of Medical Colleges and past President of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine.

Other previous positions include posts of Executive Director of Medical Services for the Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance and Director of Emergency Medicine at Flinders Medical Centre.

Professor Baggoley was the Co-chair of the NICS Emergency Department Collaborative Advisory Group. He also holds Board appointments on the South Australian Ambulance Service and the Advanced Community Care Association Inc, SA.