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Ramon Shaban RN, IPN, EMT-P, BSc(Med), BN, ADipAppSc(Amb), GCertInfCon, PGDipPH&TM, MEd (Research), MCommHealthPract(Hons), MRCNA, MACTM, PhD Candidate

Ramon is a lecturer in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Griffith University. An ambulance paramedic, registered nurse, and medical scientist, Ramon has an extensive professional career spanning more than a decade in clinical practice, education and management in health care. Concurrently with ongoing clinical practice, Ramon has an emerging publication and research track record in a variety of areas related to emergency primary health care. Of particular interest to Ramon is clinical judgment and decision-making of health care workers in this setting. He is a Clinical Research Leader with the National Institute of Clinical Studies (NICS) Emergency Care Community of Practice, and has published in the area of infection control, infectious diseases, mental illness, clinical judgment and decision-making, and quality and safety in health care. Ramon regularly reviews for a number of national and international journals, and is in the final stages of completing his PhD that examines paramedic clinical judgment and decision-making of mental illness in the emergency care setting.

Contact Details: Ramon Shaban School of Nursing and Midwifery Research Centre for Practice Innovation Griffith University University Drive, Meadowbrook. QLD. 4131. Ph: +61 (07) 3382 1271 Fax: + 61 (07) 3382 1277 Email: r.shaban@griffith.edu.au

JEPHC PUBLICATIONS Student Contributions Paramedic clinical judgment of mental illness: Representations of official accounts (Paper 4 of a Four part series) Accounting for assessments of mental illness in paramedic practice: A new theoretical framework (Paper 3 of a Four part series)

Theories of clinical judgment and decision-making: A review of the theoretical literature (Paper 2 of a Four part series) Mental health and mental illness in paramedic practice: A warrant for research and inquiry into accounts of paramedic clinical judgment and decision-making (Paper 1 of a Four part series)

Clinical Practice Paramedic knowledge of infectious disease aetiology and transmission in an Australian Emergency Medical System

Original Reseach Paramedics' clinical judgment and mental health assessments in emergency contexts: Research, practice, and tools of the trade Uncertainty, Error and Risk in Human Clinical Judgment: Introductory Theoretical Frameworks in Paramedic Practice

Book Reviews Pathophysiology Paramedic

The Australian Immunisation Handbook 2003

Infection Control in the Community Nursing Research: Methods, Critical Appraisal and Utilization Paramedic field care: A complaint-based approach

Communicable Diseases and Infection Control for EMS

Writers' Workshop A Guide to Writing Book Reviews

GradCert (Health Informatics), MAppSc (Lib&InfoManagement) With over twenty years in the academic library environment and further graduate studies in the field of information management and medical informatics, Rhona has gained a broad-based knowledge of library and health information systems.

Rhona is a Research Assistant at Monash University Department of Community Emergency Health and Paramedic Practice, where she contributes to a variety of research and educational projects. In addition to this, Rhona is the Managing Editor for JEPHC, administrator and executive member of the Australian Prehospital and Emergency Health Research Forum, and Trials Search Co-ordinator for the Cochrane Collaboration Prehospital and Emergency Health Field.