Submissions from 2010


Using Quantile Regression to Estimate Capital Buffer Requirements for Japanese Banks, David Allen, Robert Powell, and Abhay Singh

The Impact of Beijing Olympic Sponsorship Program on Annual Report Social Disclosure of Local Sponsors, Theo Christopher and Jun Cheng Hu

Injunctive Social Norms Primacy Over Descriptive Social Norms in Retirement Savings Decisions, Peter Croy, Paul Gerrans, and Craig Speelman


The role and relevance of domain knowledge, perceptions of planning importance, and risk tolerance in predicting savings intentions, Peter Croy, Paul Gerrans, and Craig Speelman

Career Barriers of Female Accountants in the State Public Sector, Lisa Cullen and Theo Christopher


Financial Market Integration in the Greater China Region: A Multivariate Asymmetric Approach, K.Y. Ho and Zhaoyong Zhang


Evaluating Currency Convergence in East Asia, Lee Lim

Ethical issues facing tax professionals: a comparative survey of tax agents and practitioners in Australia, Rex Marshall, Malcolm Smith, and Robert Armstrong


Dysfunctional Audit Behaviour: An Exploratory Study in Malaysia, Halil Paino, Zubaidah Ismail, and Malcolm Smith

European Sectors and Conditional Measures of Extreme Market and Credit Risk, Robert Powell and David Allen


Equilibrium Exchange Rate of Asian Currencies: the Chinese Renminbi, K. Sato, J. Shimizu, N. Shrestha, and Zhaoyong Zhang

Portfolio evaluation using OWA-heuristic algorithm and data envelopment analysis, Abhay Kumar Singh, Rajendra Sahu, and Shalini Bharadwaj

Improving customer outcomes through the implementation of customer relationship management: evidence from Taiwan, Malcolm Smith and Chen Chang


The Boycott Model of Foreign Product Purchase: An Empirical test in China, Malcolm Smith and Qianpin Li


The Role of Occupation in an Integrated Boycott Model: a cross-regional study in China, Malcolm Smith and Qianpin Li


Revisiting the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis: A Copula Approach, A. Tsui and Zhaoyong Zhang

Management Accounting and Organizational Change: An Exploratory Study in Malaysian Manufacturing Firms, Taun Zainun Tuanmat, George Smith, and Geri Djajadikerta

Determinants of management accounting control system in Malaysian manufacturing Companies, Zainun TuanMat, Malcolm Smith, and Hadrian Djajadikerta


Examining the Existence of Long-Run Relationships Between East Asian Economic Integration and ASEAN Tourism Exports, Ghialy Choy Lee Yap

Submissions from 2009


Stock Returns and Equity Premium Evidence Using Dividend Price Ratios and Dividend Yields in Malaysia, David Allen and Imbarine Bujang

Measuring and Modelling Risk, David E. Allen


Conditional beta capital asset pricing model (CAPM) and duration dependence tests, David E. Allen and Imbarine Bujang


Pricing options by simulation using realized volatility , David E. Allen, Michael McAleer, and Marcel Scharth


Transitional Credit Modelling and its Relationship to Market Value at Risk: an Australian sectoral perspective, David E. Allen and Robert Powell


Asset Pricing, the Fama-French Factor Model and the Implications of Quantile Regression Analysis, David E. Allen, Abhay K. Singh, and Robert J. Powell

Quantile regression: its application in investment analysis, David Allen, Paul Gerrans, Abhay Singh, and Robert Powell

Structural credit modeling and its relationship to market value at risk, David Allen and Robert Powell


Investigating other leading indicators influencing Australian domestic tourism demand, David Allen and Ghialy Choy Lee Yap

Governance of firms during reorganization following the Bankruptcy Act of Thailand: An agency consistency model, Thanidah Chitnomrath, Robert Evans, and Theo Christopher


Return Chasing as a Driver in Individual Retirement Savings Investment Choices: Evidence from Australia, Marilyn Clark-Murphy, Paul Gerrans, and Craig Speelman

Facilitating Lesson Study within the Postgraduate Accounting Student Workgroup: An Australian Case, Geri Djajadikerta

Effect of outsourcing public sector audits on cost-efficiency, Colin Dolley, Kar-Ming Chong, Keith Houghton, and Gary Monroe

Financial Literacy and Superannuation Awareness of Indigenous Australians: Pilot Study Results, Paul Gerrans, Marilyn Clark-Murphy, and Keith Truscott

Real Time Undergraduate Economics Teaching: A Case Study of Teaching International Economics and Finance, Margaret Giles

Real GDP growth rates of Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong: An asymmetric multivariate GARCH approach, V.H. Hai and Zhaoyong Zhang

Volatility Dynamics of the UK Business Cycle: A Multivariate Asymmetric GARCH Approach, Kin-Yip Ho, Albert K. Tsui, and Zhaoyong Zhang

Volatility dynamics of the US business cycle: A multivariate asymmetric GARCH approach, Kin-Yip Ho, Albert K. Tsui, and Zhaoyong Zhang

Convergence and interdependence between ASEAN-5 stock markets, Lee Lim

Size, BM, and momentum effects and the robustness of the Fama-French three-factor model: Evidence from New Zealand, Gilbert Nartea, Bert Ward, and Geri Djajadikerta

Bank Default Risk in the United States and the United Kingdom , Robert Powell and David E. Allen


Impact of the Financial Crisis on Australian Bank Default Risk, Robert Powell and David E. Allen


CVaR and Credit Risk Measurement, Robert J. Powell and David E. Allen


The suitability of a monetary union in East Asia: What does the cointegration approach tell?, Kiyotaka Sato, Zhaoyong Zhang, and David E. Allen

The Effect of External Shocks on Macroeconomic Fluctuations: Implications for a Monetary Union in East Asia, K Sato, Zhaoyong Zhang, and M McAleer

Benchmarking the First Year Accounting Unit: Evidence from Australia, Nick Sciulli, George Smith, and Philip Ross

Measuring the Efficiency of Customer related Strategies: A Review of the Literature and Agenda for Research, George Smith and Chen Chang

The Impact of customer-related strategies on shareholder value: evidence from Taiwan, George Smith and Chen Chang

Legal Compliance Accounting versus True and Fair View Override:Companies Ordinance Rewrite in Hong Kong, Stella So and George Smith

Statutory backing to Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards: Companies Ordinance rewrite in Hong Kong, Stella So and George Smith

Value relevance of IAS 27 (2003) Revisions Presentation of Non-Controlling Interests: Evidence from Hong Kong, Stella So and George Smith

Value Relevance of Presenting Changes in Fair Value of Investment Properties in the Income Statement: Evidence from Hong Kong, Stella So and George Smith

Embedding generic skills means assessing generic skills, Theda Thomas, Peter Petocz, Brendan Rigby, Marilyn Clark-Murphy, Ann Daly, Peter Dixon, Marie Kavanagh, Nicole Lees, Lynne Leveson, and Leigh Wood

Determinants of Management Accounting Change in Malaysian Manufacturing Companies, Tuan Tuan Mat, George Smith, and Geri Djajadikerta


AREIT returns from 1990-2008: A multi-factor approach, Jaime Yong, David E. Allen, and Lee K. Lim

How Effective Is The Renminbi Devaluation On China's Trade Balance, Zhaoyong Zhang and K Sato

Submissions from 2008

Returns, volatility, and liquidity on the ASX, David Allen, Alexander Shu-Sing Cheng, Carole Comerton-Forde, and Joey Wenling Yang


Finite sample properties of the QMLE for the Log-ACD model: Application to Australian stocks, David E. Allen, Felix Chan, Michael McAleer, and Shelton Peiris


Takeovers and shareholder value creation on the stock exchange of Thailand, David E. Allen and Amporn Soongswang


Long-run underperformance of seasoned equity offerings: Fact or an illusion?, David E. Allen and V Soucik

Diffusion of Innovation and Business Size: A Longitudinal Study of Pacia, Davood Askarany and George Smith

The Extent and Determinants of Disclosure of Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines: Australian Evidence, Theo Christopher and Mirela Filipovic

English Language Proficiency and the Professional Employment Outcomes of Overseas Accounting Students in Australia: an Empirical Test, Theo Christopher and Colleen Hayes

Do retail stockbrokers understand clients' investment preferences?, Marilyn Clark-Murphy and Geoffrey N. Soutar

School Cost Functions: A Meta-Regression analysis, Andrew Colegrave and Margaret Giles

Approaches to learning of Indonesian accounting students, Geri Djajadikerta, Hamfri Djajadikerta, and Terri Trireksani

Empowering School of Accounting Websites Through Quality Assurance: Development and Implementation of a User-Perceived Instrument, Geri Djajadikerta, Terri Trireksani, and Hamfri Djajadikerta


Econometric modelling in finance and risk management: An overview , Jiti Gao, Michael McAleer, and David E. Allen

Projecting the Home Support Needs of Adults with Neurodegenerative Disorders in Western Australia to 2050: Policy Implications, Margaret Giles and Gill Lewin

An Examination of Corporate Social Disclosures in the Annual Reports of Indonesian Listed Companies, Juniati Gunawan, Geri Djajadikerta, and George Smith

Building Design and the Lived Experience of People with Neurodegenerative Disorders in Western Australia, Elizabeth Karol and Margaret Giles

Theory And Practice: The Response Of People With Neurodegenerative Disorders To Home Design In Western Australia, Elizabeth Karol and Margaret Giles

To Stay or to Move: Factors Influencing Housing Choices by People with Neurodegenerative Disorders who Want to Continue Living in the Community, Elizabeth Karol and Margaret Giles

Corporate Social Performance and Financial Performance, Inge Kristoffersen, Paul Gerrans, and Marilyn Clark-Murphy

A cointegration analysis of price transmission between ADRs and dually listed South Korean stocks, Lee Lim

Relationships Between Stock Prices and Accounting Information: A Review of the State of Play, Scott Pirie and George Smith

Stock Prices and Accounting Information: Evidence From Malaysia, Scott Pirie and George Smith

Exploring the Myth of Customer Relationship Management: Evidence From UK Retail Banking , George Smith and Sangeeta Lakhani

Website Quality and Corporate Financial Performance, Paul Watkins and George Smith

Whither A Currency Union in Greater China?, Zhaoyong Zhang and Kiyotaka Sato

Is Greater China a currency union? A tale of the Chinese trio, Zhaoyong Zhang, Kiyotaka Sato, and Michael McAleer

Submissions from 2007

The Impact of Undisclosed versus disclosed limit orders : Evidence from inter-day returns, signalling, information effects on the ASX., David E. Allen, Alexander S. Cheng, and Wenling Joey Yang


Thoughts on VaR and CVaR, David E. Allen and Robert J. Powell


The Performance of Seasoned Equity Issues in a Risk-Adjusted Environment, David E. Allen and V Soucik

Attributes of Innovation and the Implementation of Managerial Tools: an activity based management technique, D Askarany, George Smith, and H Yazdifar

Prisoners' Labour Market History and Aspirations: A Focus on Western Australia, Margaret Giles and Anh Tram Le

The role of ducation and training in prison to work transitions, Margaret Giles, Anh Tram Le, Maria Allan, Catherine Lees, Ann-Claire Larsen, and Lyn Bennett

Corporate Social Disclosures by Indonesian Listed Companies: A Pilot Study, Juniati Gunawan

Determinants of the Choice of Reporting the direct Method or Indirect Method of Cash Flow from Operating Activities, S Hassan and Theo Christopher

An analysis of the conditional volatility dynamics of the Australian Business Cycle, K Ho, AK Tsui, and Zhaoyong Zhang

Modelling Volatility Asymmetry of Business Cycles in the US, KY Ho, AK Tsui, and Zhaoyong Zhang

Financial Distress and Corporate Turnaround: A Review of the Literature and Agenda for Research, DK Liou and George Smith

E-Commerce and Innovation in a Club Environment: Improving Member Services in Australian Golf Clubs, Gregory Parry


A monetary union in East Asia: What does the common cycles approach tell?, K Sato, David E. Allen, and Zhaoyong Zhang

Attitudes towards Plagiarism among Undergraduate Students: Malaysian Evidence, George Smith, N Ghazali, and SF Noor Minhad

Environmental Disclosure and Performance Reporting in Malaysia, George Smith, Y Khadijah, and AM Amiruddin

Industrial Sector and Financial Distress, George Smith and DK Liou

Submissions from 2006


Investors' response to mutual fund company mergers, David E. Allen and Jerry T. Parwada

Post-Takeover Effects on Thai Bidding Firms: are Takeovers in the Bidder's Interests?, David Allen and Amporn Soongswang

Asymmetry in Conditional Correlation, Mahendra Chandra

The change in relationship between the Asia-Pacific equity markets after the 1997 financial crisis, Mahendra Chandra