Submissions from 2006

The Day-of-the-Week Effect in Conditional Correlation, Mahendra Chandra

Cluster Computing for Financial Engineering, Shirish Chinchalkar, Thomas Coleman, and Peter Mansfield

Morningstar Ratings and Future Performance, Paul Gerrans


Asset Allocation and Age Effects in Superannuation Investment Choice, Paul Gerrans, Marilyn Clark-Murphy, and Craig Speelman


How Much Investment Choice is Enough for Members?, Paul Gerrans, Marilyn Clark-Murphy, and Craig Speelman


An Investigation of Home Bias in Superannuation Investment Choices, Paul Gerrans, Deborah Gardner, Marilyn Clark-Murphy, and Craig Speelman

The Shrimp Game: Engaging Students in the Classroom, Margaret Giles and Jo Voola

On Singapore’s Taxation System, J H Liu and Zhaoyong Zhang

The impact of audit risk, materiality and severity on ethical decision making: An analysis of the perceptions of tax agents in Australia, Rex Marshall, George Smith, and Robert Armstrong

Education and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Australia, Sawami Matsushita, Abu Siddique, and Margaret Giles

Creating an Authentic Learning Environment in Economics for MBA Students, Gregory Parry and Clive Reynoldson

Real output co-movements in East Asia: Any evidence for a monetary union?, Kiyotaka Sato and Zhaoyong Zhang

Alumina plc: A case study of the post-audit of capital investment expenditure, George Smith

The Chairman's Statement in Malaysian Companies: A Test of the Obfuscation Hypothesis, George Smith, Anita Jamil, Yang Chik Johari, and Syahrul Ahmad

How Intra-Industry Trade is Related to Income Difference and Foreign Direct Investment in East Asia, Chan-Hyun Sohn and Zhaoyong Zhang


Benchmarking Australian Fixed Interest Fund Performance: Finding the Optimal Factors, Victor Soucik and David E. Allen


Decision Making Clusters and Gender Issues in Retirement Savings, Craig Speelman, Marilyn Clark-Murphy, and Paul Gerrans

Country-specific factors and the pattern of intra-industry trade in China's manufacturing, Zhaoyong Zhang and Chuan Li

Submissions from 2005

Financial computations on clusters using web services, Shirish Chinchalker, Thomas Coleman, and Peter Mansfield

Review of Liberation from Liberalization: Gender and Globalization in South East Asia, Margaret Giles

Lessons to be Learnt from Using Gertner's Game of Cournot Oligopoly in the Classroom, Margaret Giles and Jo Voola

Economics of Australian Labour Markets, Keith Norris, Ross Kelly, and Margaret Giles

Real Output Co-movements in East Asia: A Cointegration Approach, K Sato and Zhaoyong Zhang

Towards an East Asian Monetary Union: An Econometric Analysis of Shocks, K Sato, Zhaoyong Zhang, and M McAleer

Corporate Turnaround and Financial Distress, George Smith and Christopher Graves

Auditors' perception of fraud risk indicators Malaysian evidence, George Smith, Normah Haji Omar, Ithnahaini Baharuddin, and Syed Iskander Zulkarnain Sayd Idris

How intra-industry trade is related to income difference and foreign direct investment in east Asia, Chan-Hyun Sohn and Zhaoyong Zhang

Submissions from 2004

Contextual Factors and Administrative Changes, D Askarany and George Smith

Driver speed compliance in Western Australia: a multivariate analysis, Margaret Giles

Corporate Financial Communication and Voluntary Disclosure, George Smith

Modelling PN4 classification among Malaysian Listed Companies, George Smith, S Ahmad, and A Thaheer

Multivariate Decision Accuracy and the Presentation of Accounting Information, S So and George Smith

Asian Monetary Integration: A Structural VAR Approach, Zhaoyong Zhang, K Sato, and M McAleer

Is a monetary union feasible for East Asia?, Zhaoyong Zhang, K Sato, and M McAleer

Submissions from 2003

The Likely Effects of Ageing on Women’s Involvement in the Paid Workforce, Siobhan Austen and Margaret Giles

A note on the stability of real interest rates in Australia, Bruce Felmingham and Peter Mansfield

Correcting for Selectivity Bias in the Estimation of Road Crash Costs, Margaret Giles

The Cost of Road Crashes: A Comparison of Methods and Recent Australian Estimates, Margaret Giles

Accounting Earnings, Book Values and Share Prices in Malaysia, W.S. Pirie and George Smith

Shocking Aspects of East Asian Monetary Integration: an Optimum Currency Area Approach, K Sato, Zhaoyong Zhang, and M McAleer

The impact of presentation format and individual differences on the communication of information for management decision making, S So and George Smith

Can the Rest of East Asia Catch Up with Japan: Some Empirical Evidence, Zhaoyong Zhang

The Dynamics of Political and Economic Interactions Between Mainland China and Taiwan, Zhaoyong Zhang, X Xu, and W.B. Zhang