Submissions from 2009


Terrifying Prospects and Resources of Hope: Minescapes, Timescapes and the Aesthetics of the Future, Rodney Giblett


The Tao of Water, Rodney Giblett


Wilderness to Wasteland in the Photography of the American West, Rodney Giblett


Staying at School: Reflective Narratives of Resistance and Transition, Jan Gray


Wellbeing and Retention: A Senior Secondary Student Perspective, Jan Gray and Mark Hackling


Minors Online and Their Risks from Cyber Predators: Should we Protect or Empower?, Lelia Rosalind Green


.au Australia, Lelia Rosalind Green and Axel Bruns

Fractures Between an Online and Offline Community (and the Ethical Responses), Lelia Rosalind Green and Leesa Narelle Costello


Adding value to first year student learning with embedded library pod/vodcasts, Julia Gross and Eva Dobozy


Laboratory Technicians in Australian Secondary Schools, Mark Hackling

Cultural Terrorism and anti music: Noise music and its impact on experimental music in Australia, Catherine Hope

Infrasonic Music, Catherine Hope

The Bottom End of Cinema: Low Frequency Effects in soundtrack composition, Catherine Hope

The Wonderment of the Bleak: Scultping the Static, Catherine Hope

Music Technology/Technological Music, Catherine Hope, Malcolm Riddoch, and Stuart James

The Aboriginal practical experience and its impact on Pre-Service teachers' decisions about living and working in remote Indigenous communities in Australia, Jennifer Jay, Lynette Moss, and Brenda Cherednichenko

Journalism Education, Beate Josephi

Differently Drawn Boundaries of the Permissible, Beate Josephi and Christine Mueller

Creative practice as a research tool: benefits and pitfalls, George Karpathakis


BitTorrents and 'Family Guy': Teenage Peer Group Interactions Around a Peer-to-Peer Internet Download Community, Matthew Knight and Lelia Rosalind Green

The cell cycle, Annette Koenders

From paw print to ink print: Teaching and learning using pattern recognition, Deslea Konza

Teacher talk: The role of teacher language in increasing engagement and managing the behaviour of students with behavioural problems, Deslea Konza

Galerius and the Will of Diocletian, William Leadbetter

History Education and the History Wars in Australia, William Leadbetter

Formulating guidelines for instructional planning in technology enhanced learning environments, Cher Ping Lim

Innovative Practices in Pre-Service Teacher Education: An Asia-Pacific Perspective, Cher Ping Lim, Kenneth Cock, Graeme Lock, and Christopher Brook

Researching rural-regional (teacher) education in Australia, Graeme Lock, Jo-Anne Reid, Bill Green, Wendy Hastings, Maxine Cooper, and Simone White

Managing school-university partnerships at Edith Cowan University, Graeme Lock and Beverley Yardley


Online Metacognitive Tool Development: Final Development, Joseph Luca and Mark Mcmahon

The War on Carbon: Polity and Scientific Literacy, Geoffrey Lummis

‘Yay it's Maths!' Using hand-held game consoles in a Primary classroom., Susan Main and John O'Rourke

Games: A catalyst for learning or busy work?, Linda Marshall and Paul Swan

Parents as Partners , Linda Marshall and Paul Swan

Partnering with parents to improve mathematics performance , Linda Marshall and Paul Swan

Developing an Aboriginal language policy for Western Australia: Some issues, Graham Mckay

English and Indigenous Languages in the Australian Language Policy Environment, Graham Mckay


The DODDEL Model: A Flexible Document-Oriented Model for the Design of Serious Games, Mark McMahon


Using the DODDEL Model to Teach Serious Game Design to Novice Designers, Mark McMahon

What makes today's kids really sit up and fires their neural fibres? Technology. So how can teachers help "curiosity" to kill the cat?, Maureen Michael

IWB Pedagogies in the Primary Science Classroom, Karen Murcia

Re-thinking the development of scientific literacy through a rope metaphor, Karen Murcia

Science in the news: An evaluation of students' scientific literacy, Karen Murcia

Finding the way: Signposts in teachers' development of effective interactive whiteboard pedagogies, Karen Murcia and Susan McKenzie

Professional Development Goes East: Examining Changes in Teachers' Beliefs in Four Indonesian Schools , Hendrati Nastiti, Jeremy Pagram, and Cher Ping Lim

Digital Traces: The Impact of digital technology on personal photography, Daniel Nevin


Using Digital Technologies and Contemporary Psychometrics in the Assessment of Performance On Complex Practical Tasks., Christopher Newhouse and Joseph Njiru


Synchronous Asynchronicity: The Use of Mobiles to Pattern Face-to-Face Encounters in Chaotic Environments, Jason Raymond Noble and Lelia Rosalind Green

A critical approach to evidence-based resettlement policy: Lessons learned from an Australian Muslim refugee sports program, Jeremy Northcote and Suzy Casimiro

The Tapestry tourism futures project: Lessons learned for governance in community tourism planning, Jeremy Northcote, Diane Lee, Aggie Wegner, and Stephanie Chok

The state of pre-service teacher education in the Asia-Pacific region, Maria Northcote and Cher Ping Lim

The Perceptions of Secondary Teachers and Students about the Implementation of an Inclusive Classroom Model for Students with Mild Disabilities, John O'Rourke

Online Learning materials, Jeremy Pagram and Martin Cooper


The Inclusive Secondary Teacher: The Leaders' Perspective, Michelle Pearce, Jan Gray, and Glenda Campbell-Evans


Artists, Creativity and Knowledge: A Challenge for Doctoral Change, Maggi Phillips

Seeking Excellence in Danced Postgraduate Degrees, Maggi Phillips


Dancing Doctorates Down-Under? Defining and Assessing 'Doctorateness' When Embodiment Enters the Thesis , Maggi Phillips, Cheryl Stock, and Kim Vincs

Vocabulary: The Foundation of Literacy, Alexis Pond

Large, sleek, slim, stylish flat screens: Privatized space and the televisual experience, Debbie Rodan

Democracy to Come: Active Forums as Indicator Suites for e-Participation and e-Governance, Debbie Rodan and Mark Balnaves

‘Plants That Perform For You'? From Floral Aesthetics to Floraesthesis in the Southwest of Western Australia, John Ryan

Why Do Extinctions Matter? Mourning the Loss of Indigenous Flora in the Southwest of Western Australia, John Ryan

Changing the Guard, Brian Shoesmith

Higher Education Students' Perceptions of Effective Assessment, Heather Sparrow, Julia Wren, Suzanne Sharp, and Maria Northcote

Mathematics Games as a Pedagogical Tool, Paul Swan and Linda Marshall

Mathematics games: Time Wasters or Time Well Spent?, Paul Swan and Linda Marshall

Reading 'Riting and 'Rithmetic: How the two "Rs" impact on the third "R", Paul Swan and Linda Marshall


Generative audiences and social media, David Tham

"How can analysis of classroom talk help teachers reflect on their practices?", Anne Thwaite and Judith Rivalland

Enhancing Wellness: HeartNET an Online Interactive Community Supporting People with Cardiovascular Disease, Lynsey Kay Uridge, Lelia Rosalind Green, and Debbie Rodan

From a shrew from the Orkneys to White Indigene: Re-Inventions of Eliza Fraser, Cynthia Vanden Driesen

Heaven in a grain of sand - Patrick White's Contemporary Vision, Cynthia Vanden Driesen

Rewriting Europe, Cynthia Vanden Driesen

Supporting Beginning Rural Teachers: Lessons from Successful Schools, Simone White, Graeme Lock, Wendy Hastings, Jo-Anne Reid, Bill Green, and Maxine Cooper

A critique of the implementation of Engineering Studies in an Australian school system, Phillip John Williams

Assessment of student performance in engineering, Phillip John Williams

Authentic assessment of student performance, Phillip John Williams

Engineering: Good for technology?, Phillip John Williams

Teacher Education, Phillip John Williams

Teacher education and professional development, Phillip John Williams

Technological literacy: A multiliteracies approach for democracy, Phillip John Williams

Implementing a professional learning journal in a pre-service teacher education course, Beverley Yardley, Graeme Lock, and Elizabeth Walsh

Submissions from 2008

Proscenium and Heroin(e), Dawn Albinger

Dancing Around the Handbags, Panizza Allmark

Framing Plaza De Mayo: Photographs of Protest, Panizza Allmark

Photography After the Incidents: We'Re Not Afraid, Panizza Allmark

Visual Love Categories - solo exhibition at AWGSA National Conference , Panizza Allmark


Less than Equal: Secularism, Religious Pluralism and Privilege, Anne Aly and Lelia Rosalind Green


Moderate Islam': Defining the Good Citizen, Anne Aly and Lelia Rosalind Green

"Heroin Baby": Barnardo's, Benevolence and Shame, Susan Ash

Fidels Cigar, Christopher Baker

Landlines (evolution), Kevin Ballantine, Norman Leslie, Maxwell Pam, Duncan Barnes, and Brad Rimmer

Constructing an Audience Ratings Convention, Mark Balnaves and Tom Balnaves

Media Theories and Approaches: A Global Perspective, Mark Balnaves, Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, and Brian Shoesmith

Constructing an Audience Ratings Convention, Mark Balnaves and Tom O'Regan

Perspectives on a Family Literacy Program: Voices of the Participants, Caroline Barratt-Pugh and Mary Rohl

Early childhood education of children with specific language impairments, Emma Barrett and Lorraine Hammond

The Godfather The Life of Brian Burke, Quentin Beresford


A Qualitative Analysis of University Students' Receptivity to Peers With Disabilities, Minoti Biswas and Russell Waugh


A Rasch Measurement Analysis of University Students' Receptivity to Peers With Disabilities, Minoti Biswas and Russell Waugh