Submissions from 2011


Digital Assessment in Secondary Schools: A Western Australian Experience Focusing on a Senior Engineering Course, Jeremy Pagram and John Williams


Assessment in Senior Secondary Physical Education. Questions of Judgement., Dawn Penney, Lorna Gillespie, Andrew Jones, Christopher Newhouse, and Alistair Campbell


Developing a Digital Assessment in Senior Secondary Physical Education., Dawn Penney, Andy Jones, Paul Newhouse, and Alistair Campbell


Digital technologies: Enhancing pedagogy and extending opportunities for learning in senior secondary physical education?, Dawn Penney, Paul Newhouse, Andrew Jones, and Alistair Campbell


Using Problem Based Learning in Science Education, Coral Pepper

Cooperative and Work-integrated Education and Indigenous Peoples, Alison Reedy, Deborah Prescott, and Wendy Giles


Validation of a One Item Screen for Problem Gambling, Matthew J. Rockloff, John Ehrich, Markus Themessl-Huber, and Lionel G. Evans

Design-based Research: Understanding its Application in a Teacher Professional Development Study in Indonesia, Eunice Sari and Cher Ping Lim


TESOL in Context: Authentic Workplace Learning for Pre-service Teachers, Janeen Thomsett, Bridget Leggett, and Sharon Ainsworth


Review of Indigenous Male Health, Neil Thomson, Richard Midford, Olivier Debuyst, and Andrea MacRae


Exploring the Mathematical Confidence of Indigenous Preservice Teachers in a Remote Teacher Education Program, Steve Thornton, Wendy Giles, Debbie Prescott, and David Rhodes


Developing Strategies at the Pre-service Level to Address Critical Teacher Attraction and Retention Issues in Australian Rural, Regional and Remote Schools, Sue Trinidad, Elaine Sharplin, Graeme Lock, Sue Ledger, Don Boyd, and Emmy Terry


Investing in Sustainable and Resilient Rural Social Space: Lessons for Teacher Education, Simone White, Graeme Lock, Wendy Hastings, Maxine Cooper, Jo-Anne Reid, and Bill Green


Applying standards for leaders to the selection of secondary school principals, Helen Wildy, Coral Pepper, and Luo Guanzhong


A process for transition to sustainability: Implementation, Sandra Wooltorton, Marilyn Palmer, and Fran Steele


Improving marking of live performances involving multiple markers, Julia Wren, Alistair Campbell, John Heyworth, and Rachel Bartlett


Improving assessment outcomes through the application of innovative digital technologies, Julia Wren, Alistair Campbell, John Heyworth, and Christine Lovering


Using iPad2 to Assess Students' Live Performances and Actively Engage Students With Tutor and Peer Feedback, Julia Wren, Alistair Campbell, John Heyworth, and Christine Lovering

Submissions from 2010

Media in Asia: Teaching Asian Culture within an Australian Context, Panizza Allmark

So What... I Am Still a Rock Star: Celebrity and Feminist Music Videos in the New Millennium, Panizza Allmark


Fear, anxiety and the state of terror., Anne Aly and Lelia Green


Complexities of Assessing Social and Emotional Competence and Wellbeing in Young Children, Lennie Barblett and Carmel Maloney

A Rasch measure of university students' receptivity to peers with disabilities across two cultures, Minoti Biswas and Russell F. Waugh

Reflective practice, professional learning, and educational partnerships: Effecting change in classroom settings, Christopher Brook and Graeme Lock


Summary of Indigenous women's health, Jane Burns, Caitlin M. Maling, and Neil Thomson


Funding and Secondary School Choice in Australia: A Historical Consideration, Rosemary Cahill and Jan Gray

Item banking and computerized adaptive testing with Rasch measurement: an example for primary mathematics in Thailand , Chaowprapha Chuesathuchon and Russell F. Waugh

Research in the creative disciplines: from self expression to new knowledge, Christopher Crouch and Jane Pearce

Reporting HIV and its Broader Impact in Asia: The case of Papua New Guinea (PNG), Trevor Cullen


The use of narrative fiction to spread HIV information in Papua New Guinea, Trevor Cullen and Ruth Callaghan

"Don't throw anything away!" Greenwashing in Public Relations., Christopher Devauld and Lelia Green

Homework: Its Forms and Functions Revisited, Eva Dobozy

Structured dialogue design in LAMS through interactive lecture podcasting, Eva Dobozy


From LMS to VLE or from supermarket to airports: Classifying e-learning platforms using metaphors, Eva Dobozy and Patricia Reynolds

Rasch measures for Inter-Personal and Intra-Personal Student Self-Views Based on Gardner Intelligences, Ahdielah Edries and Russell F. Waugh

Rasch measures for sports, drama and music student self-views based on Gardner intelligences, Ahdielah Edries and Russell F. Waugh


Rasch measures for student self-views in mathematics, English and arts based on Gardner Intelligences, Ahdielah Edries and Russell F. Waugh

Teacher Guttman Scales and Teacher Views at an Australian Islamic College, Ahdielah Edries and Russell F. Waugh

Getting To Know Your Avatar In Second Life, Judith Elund, Judy Clayden, and Lelia Green


Caught in the middle: Improving writing in the middle and upper primary years, Valerie Faulkner, Judith Rivalland, and Janet Hunter

Categorising, Searching and Reflecting With Video, Tony Fetherston

Computer-Generated Three-Dimensional Training Environments: The Simulation, User, and Problem-Based Learning (SUPL) Approach, Michael Garrett and Mark Mcmahon

Imagining rural audiences in remote Western Australia., Lelia Green

Internet savvy? Children and online risk, Lelia Green

The internet: an introduction to new media, Lelia Green

The Planned, the Surprising and the Serendipitous: Exploring the Creative Writing Process, Lelia Green


e-Partnerships: Library information acquisition in the comfort of students’ digital homes, Julia Gross and Eva Dobozy


Pushing library information to first-year students: An exploratory study of faculty/library collaboration, Julia Gross and Eva Dobozy

Talking science: Developing a discourse of inquiry, Mark Hackling, Prudence Smith, and Karen Murcia

Refused Classification And The Proposed Australian Internet Filter: An Assault On The Open Society, John Hartley, Lelia Green, and Catharine Lumby

Conditions that support early career teacher resilience, Bruce Johnson, Barry Down, Rosie Le Cornu, Judy Peters, Anna Sullivan, Jane Pearce, and Janet Hunter

Conclusions, Beate Josephi

Introduction, Beate Josephi

Responding to the challenge of teaching English language skills., Deslea M. Konza, Leanne J. Fried, and Maureen P. Michael

A Critical Ethnography of Crisis Management Dealing with a Mudflow Crisis in Sidoarjo, Indonesia, Rachmat Kriyantono, Dennis Wood, and Mark Balnaves

Social Constructionist and Critical Approaches to Crisis Management, Rachmat Kriyantono, Dennis Wood, and Mark Balnaves

A Rasch Measure of Student Views Of Teacher-Student Relationships in the Primary School, Natalie C. Leitao and Russell F. Waugh

In their voice: Lower secondary school students' beliefs about playing musical instruments, and the impact of the instrument lesson upon those beliefs, Geoffrey Lowe

Relational, Copula and Verbless Clauses in Rembarrnga, Graham Mckay


Obama's Election Campaign And The Integrated Use Of Social Media, Tammy McQueen and Lelia Green

Discerning pictures: how we look at and understand images in comics, Stuart Medley


Review of volatile substance use among Indigenous people, Richard Midford, Sarah MacLean, Michelle Catto, and Olivier Debuyst

Multi-modal representations in primary science: what's offered by interactive whiteboard technology, Karen Murcia

Learning from community service: Engaging Australia Tanzania Young Ambassadors with Sustainability, Karen Murcia, Yvonne Haigh, and Lindy Norris

Talking About Science in Interactive Whiteboard Classrooms, Karen Murcia and Rachel Sheffield

The Importance and Loss of Studio-based Education in Australian Universities , Adam Newcombe

Aligning Assessment with Curriculum and Pedagogy in Applied Information Technology., Christopher Newhouse

Digital Forms of Performance Assessment., Christopher Newhouse

Empowering Learners with ICT is a Battle Against Educational Fundamentalism., Christopher Newhouse

School Leadership critical to maximising the impact of ICT on learning., Christopher Newhouse

Muslim citizens and belonging in Australia: Negotiating the inclusive/exclusive divide in a multicultural context., Jeremy K. Northcote and Suzy Casimiro

Interactive Whiteboards: Interactive or just Whiteboards?, Maria Northcote, Paula Mildenhall, Linda Marshall, and Paul Swan

E-Learning in the Thai Context: Cultural and pedagogical issues amidst the implementation of new technologies, Penporn Pagram

Capacity to be inclusive: Secondary teachers' perspective., Michelle Pearce, Glenda Campbell-Evans, and Jan Gray

Regenerating rural social space? Teacher education for rural-regional sustainability, Jo-Anne Reid, Bill Green, Maxine Cooper, Wendy Hastings, Graeme Lock, and Simone White

Rasch measures of form constancy of letters and numbers, and letters in words for young children, Janet Richmond, Russell F. Waugh, and Deslea M. Konza

Rasch measures of number discrimination and reversal, and numbers in calculations for young children., Janet Richmond, Russell F. Waugh, and Deslea M. Konza

Tactics for mobilising participation and action: GetUp! a case study of communicative spaces., Debbie Rodan

Media activist websites: the nature of e-participation spaces., Debbie Rodan and Mark Balnaves

Using nicknames, pseudonyms and avatars on HeartNET: A snapshot of an online health support community., Debbie Rodan, Lynsey Kay Uridge, and Lelia Green


Palm-like Fingers Gripping a Coarse Line of Air: Poetry As a Method of Enquiry into Southwest Australian Flora., John Ryan


Not a Bush Flaneur? The Convergent Topographies of Recreational Bushwalking, Floristic Appreciation and Human Embodiment in the Southwest of Western Australia., John Charles Ryan


Towards a Corporeal Aesthetics of Plants: Ethnographies of Embodied Appreciation Along the Wildflower Trail, John Charles Ryan

Blending classroom activities with multi-user virtual environment for at-risk primary school students in an after-school program: a case study, Lee Yong Tay and Cher Ping Lim


An Ambience Of Power? Challenges Inherent In The Role Of The Public Transport Transit Officer, Christine Teague, Lelia Green, and David Leith

Watching Me, Watching You: The Use of CCTV to Support Safer Work Places for Public Transport Transit Officers., Christine Teague, Lelia Green, and David Leith


New Music Audiences: the Generative Impulse, David Tham


Overview of Australian Indigenous health status 2010, Neil Thomson, Andrea MacRae, Jane Burns, Michelle Catto, Olivier Debuyst, Ineke Krom, Richard Midford, Christine Potter, Kathy Ride, Sasha Stumpers, and Belinda Urquhart

Authentic assessment of student performance, Year 2., Phillip John Williams

Technology Education to Engineering: a Good Move? , Phillip John Williams

Submissions from 2009


Poetry in the Classroom : Dish it up!, Helen Adam


Health Communication Theories: Implications for HIV Reporting in Asia and the Pacific , Trevor Cullen


The Catalyst Clemente project: Making journalism education accessible to disadvantaged Australians, Trevor Cullen


Are Teacher Education Students Rready for Online Learning, Eva Dobozy

Collaborative e-Learning/Assignment Task Design in Teacher Education: Aligning 21st Century Philosophy and Pedagogy , Eva Dobozy

Learning 2.0: Teachers Who Chose to be Left Behind., Eva Dobozy


Forging New Partnerships: Learning and Teaching Connections Between Academic and Library Staff, Eva Dobozy and Julia Gross

Learning Adventures in Practice: 'Bumpy' Beginnings to PBL Implementation, Eva Dobozy and Maureen Michael


Exploring Flexible and Low-Cost Alternatives to Face-to-Face Academic Support., Eva Dobozy and Romana Pospisil


Perceptions and Pedagogy: Exploring the Beliefs and Practices of an Effective Primary Science Teacher, Angela Fitzgerald, Vaille Dawson, and Mark Hackling