Submissions from 2010

Introduction: at the intersection of entrepreneurship and human resource management, Rowena Barrett and Susan Mayson

The formality and informality of HRM practices in small firms, Rowena Barrett and Susan Mayson

The relationship between small firm growth and HRM practices, Rowena Barrett, Susan Mayson, and Niel Warriner

Apocalypse Now: Information systems in Australian universities, Stephen Benson

Road Safety 2.0: Insights and Implications for Government, Dieter Fink


Personal Knowledge Management and Student Learning, Stuart Garner

Supporting the Personal Knowledge Management of Students with Technology, Stuart Garner

How is producing Guanxi changing as a Chinese state owned enterprise becomes privatised?, Stephen Grainger

Attitudes towards knowledge transfer in an environment to perform, Vijaya Gururajan and Dieter Fink

Understanding financial information used to assess small firm performance: An Australian qualitative study, Abdel K. Halabi, Rowena Barrett, and Robyn Dyt

Capturing, structuring and maintaining knowledge: a social software approach, Paul Jackson

Web 2.0 Knowledge Technologies and the Enterprise: Smarter Lighter and Cheaper, Paul Jackson

Living Systems, Complexity & Information Systems Science, Shirlee-ann Knight and Georgia Halkett

Information technology governance: an evaluation of the theory-practice gap, Denise Ko and Dieter Fink

Drivers of information technology use in the supply chain, Tanmoy Nath and Craig Standing

A Critical Systems Thinking Perspective for IS Adoption, Syed Arshad Raza and Craig Standing

Towards a systemic model on information systems' adoption using critical systems thinking, Syed Arshad Raza and Craig Standing


Do downsizing decisions affect organisational knowledge and performance?, Helen Sitlington and Verena Marshall

A review of research on e-marketplaces 1997-2008, Susan Standing, Craig Standing, and Peter E.D. Love


A Proposed Methodology to Promote Adoption of 'Green' Production by Small Firms, Elizabeth Walker, Janice Redmond, and Margaret Giles


Preface to Special Issue: Environmental Sustainability and Business, Elizabeth Walker, Janice Redmond, and Margaret Giles

Is financial reward overriding good pedagogical practices?, Elizabeth Walker, Janice Redmond, and Robyn Morris

Submissions from 2009

Common Foundations of American and East Asian Modernisation: from Alexander hamilton to Junichero Koizumi, Ian Austin

The Singapore Recession of 2008-2009:The Global Paradox and Policy Options, Ian Austin

The Treasury of the United States of America and the Asian Financial Crisis: A Decade in Review, Ian Austin

Supporting cultural change: recognising the value of informal learning in a public service case study., Llandis Barratt-Pugh

Australian local government and quality: motivations and challenges, Alan Brown and Pattanee Susomrith

Evolutionary relationships of sprint speed in Australian varanid lizards, Chris Clemente, Graham Thompson, and Philip Withers

Metabolic rate and endurance capacity in Australian varanid lizards (Squamata; Varanidae; Varanus), Christofer Clemente, Philip Withers, and Graham Thompson


Beyond the Red Queen Syndrome: Customer Relationship Management and Building Material Suppliers, David John Edwards, Craig Standing, Zahir Irani, and Peter Love

Case Study Teaching : Determining and Developing Knowledge-Based Wisdom, Dieter Fink

Evaluating web site quality: the value of a multi paradigm approach, Dieter Fink and Casty Nyaga

Educating with an information system - the good, the bad and the ugly, Richard Fulford

Managing Operational Enterprise Resource Planning Applications. An Investigation into the effective management and evaluation of operational enterprise resource planning applications, Richard Fulford

Employable global graduates: The 'edge' that makes the difference, Troy Fuller and Glenda Scott


A Quantitative Study of a Software Tool that Supports a Part-Complete Solution Method on Learning Outcomes, Stuart K. Garner


Learning to Program from Scratch, Stuart K. Garner

The Use of Software-As-A-Service to Support The Personal Knowledge Management of Students, Stuart K. Garner

The Role of Trust in the Success and Failure of Regional Internet Community Portals in Promoting SME E-Commerce Adoption , Denise Gengatharen


Knowledge Management in an Organisational Climate of Uncertainty and Change: A Longitudinal Case Study of an Australian University, Denise Gengatharen, Craig Standing, and Shirlee-ann Knight

Promoting Physical Activity to Adolescent Girls with Positive Self-Talk, Nadine Henley, Kandy James, and Janice Redmond

Promoting physical activity to adolescent girls with positive self-talk, Nadine Henley, Kandy James, and Janice Redmond

Strategic decision making in Chinese SMEs, Xueli Huang

The influence of national culture, history, and institution on strategic management in Chinese firms: A complexity based perspective, Xueli Huang

Cops for COPS: Bridging the Knowledge Gap in the Global Policing Environment through Communities of Practice, Vincent Hughes and Paul Jackson

Knowledge Elicitation and Mapping: Ontology as an Instrument of Design and Organizational Learning , Paul Jackson and Raymond Webster


A preliminary laddering analysis on mobile services usage, Patricia Mcmanus, Craig Standing, and Raffaelli Zanoli

A Review of Interventions to Encourage SMEs to Make Environmental Improvements, Craig M. Parker, Janice Redmond, and Mike Simpson


A review of interventions to encourage SMEs to make environmental improvements, Craig M. Parker, Janice Redmond, and Mike Simpson

Assessing the Value of Knowledge: A Knowledge Market Perspective, A. Parssian and Craig Standing

Flexible Work Arrangements in Higher Education : A Tale of Two Groups, Megan Jane Paull, Maryam Omari, and Fleur Yardena Sharafizad

Making Sense of 'Bullying' Behaviour: Individual Perspectives on Critical Incidents, Megan Jane Paull, Peter Paul Standen, and Maryam Omari


Environmental Education in Small Business: The Owner-Manager's Perspective, Janice Redmond and Elizabeth Walker

Impact of downsizing and restructuring decisions and processes on organisational knowledge and organisational effectiveness: Implications for perceived success., Helen Sitlington and Verena Marshall


An Analysis of Small Business Owners' Participation in Online Learning, Tara Smith, Susan Stoney, and Elizabeth Walker

Organisations and Bullying: The Role of Attributions, Peter Paul Standen, Maryam Omari, and Megan Jane Paull

Online Retailing, Electronic Marketplaces and Electronic collaboration, Craig Standing


A technology ecosystem perspective on hospital management information systems: lessons from the health literature, Craig Standing and Christopher Bain


Information Technology Non-Conformity in Institutional Environments: E-Markietplace Adoption in the Government Sector, Craig Standing, Ian Sims, and Peter Love

The Use and Perception of E-Marketplaces: An Institutional Perspective, Craig Standing, Ian Sims, and Susan Standing

The Relationship between Electronic Marketplace Strategy and Structure, Craig Standing and Susan Standing


An Adoption Model for Mobile Banking in Ghana, Craig Standing, Susan Standing, H Karjaluoto, and Margaret Crabbe

The Drivers for the Adoption and Use of M-Services: A Consumer Perspective, Craig Standing, Susan Standing, Heikki Karjaluoto, and Patricia McManus


A Tactical role for reverse auctions, Craig Standing, Susan Standing, and Peter Love

Comparative temperature in funnel and pit traps, Graham Thompson and Scott Thompson

A cased for in-situ management of Western Ringtail Possums, Pseudocheirus occidentalis, in development areas, Scott Thompson and Graham Thompson

Range extensions for the Barking Gecko, Nephrurus milii (Squamata: Gekkonidae), Scott Thompson, Graham Thompson, and Graeme Finlayson

An international comparison of the perceptions about the revised ISO 9000 quality system standards, Ton van der Wiele, Jos van Iwaarden, Alan Brown, Ulrich Steimle, and Klaus J. Zink

Contributions of Home-Based Businesses to Regional Economic Development, Calvin Wang, Elizabeth Walker, Janice Redmond, and John Breen

Submissions from 2008

Singapore In Transition: Economic Change And Political Consequences, Ian Austin

Discourse Analysis As A Vet Research Tool: Analysing The Frontline Management Initiative, Llandis Barratt-Pugh


The Resources Boom in Western Australia: Implications for Employee Attraction and Retention, April Beeton, Maryam Omari, and Megan Jane Paull


Information Systems Teaching and Research in West Australian Universities, Janice Burn, Craig Standing, and Chad Lin

Higher than predicted endurance for juvenile goannas (Varanidae; Varanus), Christofer Clemente, Philip Withers, and Graham Thompson

Behaviour Change, Citizen Engagement and Web 2.0: The Quest for Safer Roads, Dieter Fink

Living Cases: Authentic Learning in Action, Dieter Fink

The Teacher - Technology Balance in Business Case Teaching: A Student Perspective, Dieter Fink


Wisdom in Student Assignments: Its Operationalisation and Manifestation, Dieter Fink and Stuart K. Garner

A Case Study of Online Situated Learning - Educating Using an Enterprise Resource Planning Application, Richard Fulford

Educating Using an Information System as a Cognitive Tool, Richard Fulford

Supporting Student Learning With Digital Audio: A Low-Tech Approach, Stuart K. Garner

The Impact of a Software Tool that Supports a Part-Complete Solution Method on the Learning Outcomes of Novice Programmers, Stuart K. Garner

The Teaching and Learning of Programming : The Use of a Technology Supported Part-Complete Solution Method, Stuart K. Garner

The Use Of Screencasting And Audio To Support Student Learning, Stuart K. Garner

Government Sponsored Online Platforms for SMEs. Assessing Success and Evaluating Benefits, Denise Gengatharen

Interpreting the Success and Failure of Regional Internet Community Portals in Promoting E-Commerce Adoption by SME's: A Cultural Perspective, Denise Gengatharen

How Are The Characteristics Of Guanxi In Soe Evolving Under The Chinese Market Economy:Tracking The Roaring Dragon Hotel, South-West China, 1999-2007, Stephen Grainger

Roaring Dragon Hotel, Stephen Grainger

Making Strategic Decisions in an Emerging Economy: Evidence from Chinese Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Xueli Huang

Strategic Decision-Making in the Australian SMEs: Process, Characteristics, and Their Influencing Factors, Xueli Huang

Building Knowledge in Projects: A Practical Application of Social Constructivism to information Systems Development , Paul Jackson and Jane Klobas

Transactive Memory Systems in Organizations: Implications for Knowledge Directories, Paul Jackson and Jane Klobas

Linking Ontological Conceptions and Mapping Business Life Worlds , Paul Jackson and Raymond Webster


Factors Affecting Finnish Consumers' Intention to Receive Sms Marketing: A Conceptual Model and an Empirical Study, Heikki Karjaluoto, Craig Standing, Michael Becker, and Matti Leppaniemi


A model to develop effective virtual teams, Chad Lin, Craig Standing, and Ying-Chieh Liu

Intervention Strategies to Engage Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Environmental Good Practice, Craig Parker, Janice Redmond, and Mike Simpson

Intervention Strategies to Engage Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Environmental Good Practice, Craig Parker, Janice Redmond, and Mike Simpson


Managing Older Workers: What can we Learn from Managers of Older Volunteers?, Megan Jane Paull


Work Environment and Retention: An Exploratory Case Study, Megan Jane Paull, Maryam Omari, and April Beeton


Systemic Problems in Information Technology Adoption and Use: A Systems Thinking Perspective, Syed Arshad Raza and Craig Standing