Submissions from 2011


In search of wellness: Allied health professionals' understandings of wellness in childhood disability services, Lauren Breen, Helen Wildy, Sherry Saggers, Jeannine Millsteed, and P Raghavendra


Deliberate practice: Necessary but not sufficient, Guillermo Campitelli and Fernand Gobet


A Phenomenological Study of Foster Caregivers' Experiences of Formal and Informal Support, Tara Cavazzi, Andrew Guilfoyle, and Margaret Sims


Family systems and mental health issues: A resilience approach, Lynne Cohen, Catherine Ferguson, Craig Hams, Julie Ann Pooley, and Stuart Tomlinson


Psychologists' understanding of resilience: implications for the discipline of psychology and psychology practice., Lynne Cohen, Julie Ann Pooley, Catherine A. Ferguson, and Craig A. Harms


Expertise in Complex Decision Making: The Role of Search in Chess 70 Years After de Groot, Michael Connors, Bruce Burns, and Guillermo Campitelli


Normative influence on retirement savings decisions: Do people care what employers and the government want?, Peter G. Croy, Paul A. Gerrans, and Craig P. Speelman


"Better But No Cigar": Persons with Aphasia Speak about their Speech. , Davida Fromm, Audrey Holland, Elizabeth Armstrong, Margaret Forbes, Brian MacWhinney, Amy Risko, and Nicole Mattison


Very Early Poststroke Aphasia Therapy: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Efficacy Trial, Erin Godecke, Kathryn Hird, Erin E. Lalor, Tapan Rai, and Michael R. Phillips


Resilience in Families with Same-Sex Parents, Natasha Griffiths and Julie Ann Pooley


Development of a Measure of Stereotypical Attitudes towards Older Workers, Eyal Gringart, Edward Helmes, and Craig Speelman


An Ecological Approach to Supporting Children after Parental Separation: Resilience, Social Capital and Sense of Community in the School Classroom, Andrew Guilfoyle, Vicki Banham, Tara Cavazzi, and Rosa Napolitano-Lincoln


Cortisol Changes and the Quality of Child Care in Australian Preschool and Kindergarten Children, Andrew Guilfoyle and Margaret Sims


A Quantitative Study of Women in Sri Lanka's Export Processing Zones: Capital accumulation and Social Investment, Peter Hancock, Jamie C. Moore, and Sharon Middleton


Staff perspectives on the role of English proficiency in providing support services, Sophia Harryba, Andrew Guilfoyle, and Shirlee-ann Knight

Light Among the Ugly in Burma, Nancy Hudson-Rodd

The Engineering of Detentional Landscapes: Australia's Asylum Seeker Island Prisons, Nancy Hudson-Rodd


The "100 patient stories" project: Patient and family member views on how clinicians (should) enact Open Disclosure - a qualitative study, Rick Iedema, Suellen Allen, Kate Britton, Donella Piper, Andrew Baker, Carol Grbich, Alfred Allan, Liz Jones, Anthony Tuckett, Allison Williams, Elizabeth Manias, and Thomas H Gallagher


I just saw it as something that would pull you down, rather than lift you up': Resilience in never-smokers with mental illness, Sharon Lawn, Deborah J. Hersh, Paul R. Ward, George Tsourtos, Robert Muller, Anthony Winefield, and John Coveney

Effects of Topic Familiarity on Discourse in Aphasia, Adrienne Miles, Natalie Ciccone, and Erin Godecke


International Contributions of the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists: Voices from Abroad, Jean L Pettifor, Andrea Ferrero, Alfred Allan, Laura Hernandez-Guzman, Fred Seymore, An-Magritt Aanonson, Torleiv Odland, Ann D. Watts, Yesim Korkut, and Kenneth Pope


Discrimination and Psychological Adjustment Amongst Australian Children from Middle-Eastern and Asian Backgrounds, Kevin Runions, Naomi Priest, and Justine Dandy


"Well it has to be language-related": Speech-language pathologists' goals for people with aphasia and their families, Sue Sherratt, Linda Worrall, Charlene Pearson, Tami Howe, Deborah J. Hersh, and Bronwyn Davidson


An emerging theory of apology, Debra J. Slocum, Alfred Allan, and Maria M. Allan

Apology and Acceptance in Intimate Partner Relationships, Debra Slocum, Dianne McKillop, Alfred Allan, Maria Allan, and Deirdre Drake


Performing New Tasks with Old Skills: Is Prediction Possible?, Craig P. Speelman, John D. Forbes, and Kristine Giesen

The Pornification of Intrafamilial Child Abuse, Caroline Taylor


The "Symbolic Protest" Behind Women Reporting of Sexual Assault Crime to Police, Caroline Taylor and Caroline Norma


Hanging with the Hoodies: Towards an Understanding of the Territorial Tagging Practices of Prolific Graffiti Writers Seeking an Adolescent Non-conforming Social Identity, Myra F. Taylor


When Empathy Fails to Eventuate in the Counselling Therapeutic Session: Implications for the Training and Practice of Students, Myra Taylor and Sarron Goldman


Patterns of Graffiti Offending Towards Recognition that Graffiti Offending is More than Kids Messing Around, Myra Taylor, Ida Marais, and Robyn Cottman


Additive and subtractive resilience strategies as enablers of biographical reinvention: A qualitative study of ex-smokers and never-smokers, Paul Ward, Robert Muller, George Tsourtos, Deborah Hersh, Sharon Lawn, Anthony Winefield, and John Coveney

Submissions from 2010


Parties' perceptions of apologies in resolving Equal Opportunity complaints., Alfred Allan, Dianne McKillop, and Robyn Carroll


Language, meaning, context, and functional communication, Elizabeth Armstrong and Alison Ferguson

Interacting with difficulty: The case of aphasia, Elizabeth Armstrong and Elizabeth Ferguson


Conversation after right hemisphere brain damage: Motivations for applying conversation analysis, Scott Barnes and Elizabeth Armstrong

Women Firefighters' Experiences in the Western Australian Volunteer Bush Fire Service, Cindy Branch-Smith and Julie Ann Pooley


Acts of resistance: breaking the silence of grief following traffic crash fatalities, Lauren J. Breen and Moira O'Connor

Managing cultural diversity: Competing discourses in Australian multiculturalism, Justine K. Dandy

Attitudes to multiculturalism, immigration and cultural diversity: Comparison of dominant and non-dominant groups in three Australian states, Justine Dandy and Rogelia Pe-Pua


Describing the experience of aphasia rehabilitation through metaphor, Alison Ferguson, Linda Worrall, Bronwyn Davidson, Deborah Hersh, Tami Howe, and Sue Sherratt

Culturally strong childcare programs for Indigenous children, families and communities, Andrew Guilfoyle, Sherry Saggers, Margaret Sims, and Teresa Hutchins


Finishing well: The personal impact of ending therapy on speech-language pathologists, Deborah Hersh


I can't sleep at night with discharging this lady: The personal impact of ending therapy on speech-language pathologists, Deborah Hersh

Among the chosen : the life story of Pat Giles, Lesley Hopkins and Lynn Roarty

Farmers, land and military rule in Burma., Nancy Hudson-Rodd and Sein Htay

Lay Leadership in Sparsely Populated Rural Australia: Uniting Churches in South Australia., Philip Hughes

Putting Welfare and Faith Together in The Salvation Army (Southern Territory - Australia), Philip Hughes

The Religiosity of Youth in Australia and Thailand, Philip Hughes

Spirit matters : how making sense of life affects wellbeing., Peter J. Kaldor, Philip J. Hughes, and Alan W. Black

The Central Role of Commentary on Evidence in e-portfolios , Terence Love and Trudi Cooper

Bushfire Communities and Resilience: What can they tell us?, Julie Ann Pooley, Lynne Cohen, and Moira O'Connor

Indicators of Community Resilience: A Study of Communities Facing Impending Natural Disasters, Julie Ann Pooley, Lynne Cohen, and Moira O'Connor


"You feel like family..." Professional boundaries and social model aphasia groups, Sue Sherratt and Deborah Hersh

Communication Partner Training in Aphasia:A Systematic Review, Nina Simmons-Mackie, Anastasia Raymer, Elizabeth Armstrong, Audrey Holland, and Leora R. Cherney


Malcolm Fraser's response to 'commercial' refugee voyages, Jack H. Smit


Skill Acquisition in Skin Cancer Detection, Craig Speelman, Katie Martin, Steven Flower, and Terry Simpson

Licencing and regulation of Indigenous childcare services, Anna Targowska, Sherry Saggers, and Kate Frances

The Evidence for Relationship-Centred Practice in Aphasia Rehabilitation, Linda Worrall, Bronwyn Davidson, Deborah Hersh, Tami Howe, Sue Sherratt, and Alison Ferguson

Submissions from 2009

Experiences of Mature Age Female Students studying Psychology: Implications for the University Learning Environment., Ruth Ayres and Andrew Guilfoyle

Power and Influence: Examining the Communication Pathways that Impact on Safety in the Workplace, Susanne Bahn

What's a Life Worth? The Value Placed on Safety, Susanne Bahn and Llandis Barratt-Pugh

Body image and self-esteem in older adulthood, Lucie Baker and Eyal Gringart

Beyond normal grief: A critical reflection on immediate post-death experiences of survivors of suicide, Kelly Botha, Andrew Guilfoyle, and Derek Botha

Early childhood service delivery for families living with childhood disability: Disabling families through problematic implicit ideology, Lauren Breen

Moving Beyond the Enduring Dominance of Positivism in Psychological Research: Implications for Psychology in Australia, Lauren Breen and Dawn Darlaston-Jones

Wellness Rhetoric: Implications for Policy and Practice in Australian Childhood Health and Disability Services, Lauren Breen and Sherry Saggers


Tailoring screening protocols for perinatal depression: prevalence of high risk across obstetric services in Western Australia, Janette Brooks, Elizabeth Nathan, Craig Speelman, Delphin Swalm, Angela Jacques, and Dorota Doherty

Settlement Crossroads, Suzy Casimiro


Democracy, community and young people's participation: a comparison between a 'Hart Ladder' and a social capital perspective., Trudi Cooper

White Man's Law, Traditional Law, Bullshit Law: Customary Marriage Revisited, Kyllie Cripps and Shannon Taylor

Refugee and migrant integration: Examining the discourse of the dominant, Justine Dandy

Role of motivation, self-efficacy and parent support in adolescent structured leisure activity participation, Lillian Fawcett, Alison Garton, and Justine Dandy

Eliciting the beliefs of young drivers about driving risks: An analysis of two methodologies, Catherine Ferguson, Lynne Cohen, Julie Ann Pooley, and Andrew Guilfoyle

Terrorism and global security: Psychological factors and personal perspectives., Eyal Gringart

On being there to help: A critical reflection on discourse and something post modern for the social inclusion of refugee communities, Andrew Guilfoyle

Understanding Seychelles Students Social, Academic and Cultural Experiences during Transition to University, Andrew Guilfoyle and Sophia Harryba

Co-location of Services for Refugees: An Evaluation of a Pilot Program in Western Australia, Peter Hancock, Trudi Cooper, and Susanne Bahn


Evaluation of a Youth CaLD (Cultural and Linguistically Diverse) Sports Program in Western Australia: Resettling refugees using sport as a conduit to integration, Peter Hancock, Trudi Cooper, and Susanne Bahn


Evaluation of the Integrated Services Pilot Program from Western Australia, Peter Hancock, Trudi Cooper, and Susanne Bahn

On Voice and Silence. Giving life to a story and story to a life, Lesley Hopkins

Why narrative? Reflections on the politics and processes of using narrative in refugee research, Lesley Hopkins

Australia Limits Refuge for the Refugee, Nancy Hudson-Rodd

When was Burma? Military Rules since 1962, Nancy Hudson-Rodd

Spiritual confidence and its contribution to wellbeing: Implications for education, Philip Hughes

An exploration of Generation Y's experiences of offshore fly-in/fly-out employment. , Elizabeth Kaczmarek

Rape Mythology and the Criminal Justice System: A pilot study of sexual assault sentencing in Victoria, Jessica Kennedy, Patricia Easteal, and Shannon Taylor

Critical' youth work practice in a 'functionalist' environment: a Western Australian case study.' , Judith Kulisa

Faking good on the MCMI-III: Implications for child custody evaluations., Paul Lenny and Gregory Dear


Design for Improving Hospital Stroke Unit Processes: Reducing complex systems failures leading to Adverse patient outcomes, Terence Love and Trudi Cooper


Differences in Resilience and University Adjustment between School Leaver and Mature Entry University Students, Brent Munro and Julie Ann Pooley

Stemming the Flow: challenges for policing adult sexual assault with regard to attrition rates and under-reporting of sexual offences, Shannon Taylor and Leigh Gassner

Submissions from 2008


Functional Apologies in Law, Alfred Allan

Law and Ethics in Psychology: An International Perspective, Alfred Allan

Psychometric properties of Scheier and Carver's life orientation test in a sample of Australian prisoners, Maria Allan and Margaret Giles

Experiences of Mature Age Female Students Studying Psychology: A Phenomenological Account , Ruth Ayres and Andrew Guilfoyle

Producing Safety: Exploring Occupational Health and Safety Values in Action Witihin the WA Civil Construction Industry, Susanne Bahn

Size Does Matter: The Influence of Business Size on Incident Rates, Susanne Bahn

Western Australian General Practitioners' Views on Psychologists and the Determinants of Patient Referral: an Exploratory Study, Julianne Beel, Eyal Gringart, and Mary Edwards

Silenced Voices: Grief Following Road Traffic Crashes, Lauren Breen