Submissions from 2008

The Nature of Spirituality among Young People in Australia and Thailand, Philip Hughes, Parichart Suwanbubbha, and Janram Chaisri

The psychosocial well-being of children from Australian military and fly-in/fly-out (FIFO) mining families, Elizabeth Kaczmarek and Anne Sibbel

Phallus, Performance and Power: Crisis of Masculinity, Sharful Islam Khan, Nancy Hudson-Rodd, Sherry Saggers, Mahbubul Islam Bhuiyan, Abbas Bhuiya, Syed Afzalul Karim, and Oratai Rauyajin

Developing Practice or Management Struggle? Barriers to Effective Youth Work Practice With Young Women Living With Violence, Judith Kulisa


Motivational Information Systems: Case study of a University Research Productivity Index and 6th Extension to Ashby's Law, Terence Love and Trudi Cooper

Self-Determination Theory and Physical Activity Among Breast Cancer Survivors, Helen Milne, Karen Wallman, Andrew Guilfoyle, Sandy Gordon, and Kerry Courneya


Australian Approaches to Understanding and Building Resilience in At Risk Populations, Lisbeth Pike, Lynne Cohen, and Julie Ann Pooley


Effects of Music on Memory for Text, Patricia Purnell-Webb and Craig Speelman

Applying for your own job: A preliminary study, Elizabeth Reid Boyd

Political and Legal Institutions and their Influence on Drug Policy: An Australian Perspective, David Ryder

Different Shades of Racism. Young Children's Construction of Differences Between People and Their Social Relations in an Australian context, Anna Targowska

Submissions from 2007


Apology in Civil Law: A Psycho-Legal Perspective. , Alfred Allan

Apology in court, Alfred Allan

Making stories: Evaluative language and the aphasia experience, Elizabeth Armstrong and Hanna Ulatowska

Stroke Stories: Conveying Emotive Experiences in Aphasia. , Elizabeth Armstrong and Hanna Ulatowska

Determining a Fair Outcome: The role of the review process in ensuring the Accreditation Decision accurately reflects the practices of the child care centre, Vicki Banham

Emotional Processing in Spontaneous Confabulatory Syndrome After an Acquired Brain Injury, Rodrigo Becerra and David Millichap

Pillars, Bottom Lines, Capitals and Sustainability: A Critical Review of the Discourses, Alan Black

The researcher `in the middle?: Negotiating the insider/outsider dichotomy, Lauren Breen

So far and yet so near? Community psychology in Australia, Lauren Breen and H Gridley

Family disputes, dysfunction and division: Case studes of road traffic deaths, Lauren Breen and Moira O'Connor

The fundamental paradox in the grief literature: A critical reflection, Lauren Breen and Moira O'Connor

The secret life of the National Youth Round Table, Judith Bridgland Sorenson


Impact of education on women with perinatal depression, Anne Buist, Craig Speelman, Barbara Hayes, R Reay, Jeannette Milgrom, D Meyer, and J Condon

Supporting Older Carers of People with a Disability: An Evaluation of a Respite Care Program in Western Australia, Judith Cockram, Peter Hancock, and Jayne Jarvis


Young people in rail environs: An interagency approach to conflict reduction and crime prevention, Trudi Cooper, Erin Donovan, and Terry Love

Youth Work students mentoring young people at risk of homelessness: A partnership between a youth work degree program and a local youth agency, Trudi Cooper, Orietta Simons, A Hall, Melissa Porteus, and Amy Hacket

The Will: Inheritance Distribution and Feuding Families, Deirdre Drake

An investigation of the Stroop effect among deaf signers in English and Japanese: Automatic processing or memory retrieval?, Mary Flaherty and A Moran

Development of the Interpersonal Dependency Scale for Older Adults, Deborah Gardner and Edward Helmes

Learning Through Collaboration: Is there a Multicultural Perspective?, Alison Garton

Parental stress and child rearing decisions, Colene Gray and Margaret Sims

Race and reconciliation in Australia, Meredith Green and Sherry Saggers


Older Carers in Ageing Societies: An Evaluation of a Respite Care Program for Older Carers in Western Australia, Peter Hancock, Jayne Jarvis, and Tanja L'Veena

Characteristics of religious knowledge among Australian students, Philip Hughes

Religious Trends in Australia, Philip Hughes

The commodification of religion in Thailand, USA and Australia, Philip Hughes

'Jacks (& Jills) of all trades'? So why is DV so difficult?, Judith Kulisa

Young people's perceptions and experiences of leaving high school early: An exploration, Trisha Lee and Lauren Breen


Successful Activism Strategies: five extensions to Ashby, Terence Love and Trudi Cooper

Editing and Proofreading Skills, Margaret Mcfarlane and Alison Garton

Relationships between quality of life, spiritual well-being, and psychological adjustment styles for people living with leukaemia: An exploratory study, Moira O'Connor, Andrew Guilfoyle, Lauren Breen, F Mukhardt, and Colleen Fisher


Critiquing the school community: a qualitative study of children's conceptualization of their school, Julie Ann Pooley, Lauren Breen, Lisbeth T. Pike, Lynne Cohen, and Neil M. Drew

Living beyond the unanticipated death of a partner: a phenomenological study, Martin Rodger, Patricia Sherwood, Moira O'Connor, and Gavin Leslie

Defining what we mean, Sherry Saggers and D Gray

Poverty and social class, Sherry Saggers and M Walter

The determinants of quality care: review and research report, Margaret Sims


Decision Making Clusters in Retirement Savings: Preliminary Findings, Craig Speelman, Marilyn Clark-Murphy, and Paul Gerrans

Depression in older adults: Exploring the relationship between goal setting and physical health, H Street, Moira O'Connor, and H Robinson

A Western Australian Survey on Public Attitudes Toward and Knowledge of Electroconvulsive Therapy, SPC Teh, E Helmes, and Deirdre Drake

Submissions from 2006

Everyday talk: Its role in assessment and treatment for individuals with aphasia, Elizabeth Armstrong and Lynne Mortensen


Acceptability of Routine Screening for Perinatal Depression, Anne Buist, John Condon, Janette Brooks, Craig Speelman, Jeannette Milgrom, Barbara Hayes, David Ellwood, Bryanne Barnett, Nick Kowalenko, Stephen Matthey, Marie-Paule Austin, and Justin Bilszta

(Dis)Abling Discourses, Margaret Camilleri and Shannon Taylor

Constituting the feminist subject in poststructuralist discourse, Bronwyn Davies, Jenny Browne, Susanne Gannon, Lesley Hopkins, Helen McCann, and Monne Wihlborg

Clinical and Management Response to Incidents of Non-Fatal Self-Harm in Prison, Gregory Dear

The Need for an Integrated System to Minimise the Incidence of Suicide and Other Self-Harm in Prison, Gregory Dear

Therapeutic Communications from the Bench: A Psychological View, Gregory Dear

Treatment Needs of Prisoners Who are At-Risk of Self-Harming, Gregory Dear

Enhancing Prisoners' Coping Skills, Gregory Dear, Jo Jo Borrill, Teresa Kirchner, Maria Forns, Marc Daigle, and Fiona H Biggam

Development of a collaborative design-focused research approach for Interagency Cooperation addressing youth anti-social behaviour in rail environs, Erin Donovan

Interpersonal dependency in older adults and the risks of developing mood and mobility problems when receiving care at home, Deborah Gardner and Edward Helmes

Addressing indigenous substance misuse and related harms, Denis Gray, Lisa Jackson Pulver, Sherry Saggers, and John Waldon

Boundaries around common ground: Strategies in supervision of International Doctoral candidates, Andrew Guilfoyle

New racism and inter-group attributions within a contemporary Indigenous Australian Context: Old wines in new bottles, Andrew Guilfoyle

Peers, Family, community, supervisors and governance: A review of key sites for supporting International postgraduate students transitional learning experiences, Andrew Guilfoyle

Understanding key dimensions of International postgraduate student transition and learning experiences, Andrew Guilfoyle

International Postgraduate transition via expectations: Interactions with quality, outcomes and diversity in the devolved system, Andrew Guilfoyle and Alison Thair

The Likely Role of Criminogenic Factors in Prisoners' Self-Harming Behaviour, Guyatt Hall (ext), Sofia Fisher, and Gregory Dear


Women, Work and Empowerment: A Portrait of Women Workers in Two of Sri Lanka's Export Processing Zones, Peter Hancock


Barriers to Respite: A Case Study of a Sub-Group from an Older Carers Program in Western Australia, Peter Hancock, Jayne Jarvis, and Tanja L'Veena

Gender Differences in Performance of Script Analysis by Older Adults, Edward Helmes (ext), J Bush, Donna Pike, and Deirdre Drake

Teaching group facilitation processes in the Feminist classroom: From poststructuralist theory to activist practice, Lesley Hopkins

Mandaly and Rangoon: Urbanisation in Burma, Nancy Hudson-Rodd

Cartooning the Iraq War: No laughing matter, Nancy Hudson-Rodd and Sundara Ramanatha Iyer

The Australian Religious and Social Context, Philip Hughes

‘Semen Contains Vitality and Heredity, Not Germs’: Seminal Discourse in the AIDS Era, S.I Khan, N Hudson-Rodd, Sherry Saggers, M.I Bhuiyan, A Bhuiya, S.A Karim, and O Rauyajin


Casual model of beach erosion with inland sand transport: Political and urban planning implications, Terence Love and Trudi Cooper


Development of a collaborative design-focused research approach for Interagency Cooperation addressing youth anti-social behaviour in rail environs, Terence Love, Trudi Cooper, Fred Affleck, and Angela Durey

Writing on the body as health education for girls, Elizabeth Reid Boyd and Abigail Bray

A multi-systemic school-based approach for addressing childhood aggression, Kevin Runions

Sex, Drugs and indigenous young people, Sherry Saggers, Denis Gray, and Phillipa Strempel

Sustainability Management: The missing link in management education, Lesley Stone and Martin Brueckner

Submissions from 2005

Expressing opinions and feelings in aphasia: Linguistic options, Elizabeth Armstrong

Language disorder: A functional linguistic perspective, Elizabeth Armstrong

Acquired language disorders: Some functional insights. , Elizabeth Armstrong, Alison Ferguson, Lynne Mortensen, and Leanne Togher

Linguistic resources of individuals with Asperger Syndrome, Sarah Bartlett, Elizabeth Armstrong, and Jacqueline Roberts

Rural Communities & Sustainabilty, Alan Black

Perceptual asymmetries are preserved in memory for highly familiar faces of self and friend, N Brady, M Campbell, and Mary Flaherty


The use of science in environmental policy:A case study of the Regional Forest Agreement process in Western Australia, Martin Brueckner and Pierre Horwitz

Appropriate measures for the monitoring and evaluation of Indigenous Australian residential rehabilitation programs, Richard Chenhall, Sherry Saggers, and Denis Gray

Careers of offenders with an intellectual disability: the probabilities of rearrest, Judith Cockram

Justice or differential treatment? Sentencing of offenders with an intellectual disability, Judith Cockram

People with an intellectual disability in the prisons, Judith Cockram

Edu-Business, Trudi Cooper

The hidden presumptions of commercially derived quality Management in Higher Education, Trudi Cooper

A framework for minimizing the incidence of self-harm in prison, Gregory Dear

Validation of the Holyoake Codependency Index, Gregory Dear and Clare Roberts

Gender differences in mental rotation ability in three cultures: Ireland, Ecuador and Japan, Mary Flaherty

The development of a scale to measure empathy in 8- and 9-year old children, Alison Garton and Eyal Gringart

Indigenous Health: the perpetuation of inequality, Denis Gray and Sherry Saggers