Date of Award


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Doctor of Philosophy


School of Psychology and Social Science


Education And Arts

First Advisor

Professor Peter Bedford

Second Advisor

Professor Ed Jaggard


The dissertation reappraises Wesleyan Methodist (WM) mission in the first half of the nineteenth century on the basis of its mission statement (`to reform the nation, particularly the Church; and to spread scriptural holiness over the land' ) and a primary WM characteristic, religious experience. The mission statement shapes the outline for the first main section of the dissertation (3.0) utilising the three divisions of the statement only in reverse order, specifically, (1) the spread of scriptural holiness, (2) reform of the church and (3) reform of the land (nation). The second main section (4.0) examines religious experience in the core areas, (1) personal spirituality, (2) conversion and sanctification, and (3) revival.

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