Submissions from 2013


Tessitura changes in music theatre repertoire for the soprano voice, Linda J. Barcan


Reflections on the construction of meaning through immanent visual association, Samuel P. Gillies and Lindsay R. Vickery


Mobilising John Cage: The Design and Creation of Score Generators for the Complete John Cage Variations I–VIII, Cat Hope, Lindsay R. Vickery Dr, Aaron Wyatt, and James Stuart

2D AND 3D Timbral Spatialisation: Spatial Motion, Immersiveness, and Notions of Space, Stuart James and Catherine Hope


Retaining a sense of spontaneity in Free Jazz improvisation through music technology, Suzanne Kosowitz and Lindsay R. Vickery


The Performance of Biopower and Liveliness: The Life and Death of Terri Schiavo, Renee E. Newman-Storen


Conversations over the Gap, Renee E. Newman-Storen and Ryan Reynolds


Has Sculthorpe misappropriated indigenous melodies?, Jonathan R. Paget


Keys from the past: Unlocking the power of eighteenth-century contrapuntal pedagogies, Jonathan R. Paget and Stewart J. Smith


Diminutive Catastrophe: Clown's Play, Margaret J. Phillips


Skipping against hegemony: Where are states of lightness in contemporary dance-making?, Margaret J. Phillips


Alternative Approaches to Stage Management in Bali, Susan R. Studham


Electronic Music is here to stay - Or is it?, Meghan M. Travers and Catherine A. Hope

Animated Music Notation on the iPad (Or: Music stands just weren't designed to support laptops), Aaron K. Wyatt and Catherine Hope

Submissions from 2012


New digital interactions with John Cage's Variations IV, V and VI, Catherine Hope, Stuart James, and Lindsay Vickery


From Autonomous to Performative Control of Timbral Spatialisation, Stuart James


Skipped stakes of lightness: A failure of knowledge, Margaret Phillips


Adapting John Cage's Radio Music for a digital score player, Lindsay Vickery


The Evolution of Notational Innovations from the Mobile Score to the Screen Score , Lindsay Vickery


Digital adaptions of the scores for Cage Variations I, II and III, Lindsay Vickery, Catherine Hope, and Stuart James

Submissions from 2011


Healing Through Belief, Biography, and Social Connection, Anomie


New Possibilities for Electroacoustic Music Performance, Cat Hope


Manifesting Meaning from a Performance of Cruelty: Parallels in the Musical Experimentalism of Antonin Artaud and Sub Ordnance, Cat Hope and Sam Gillies


Processes in Composition and Performance Leading to Performance, Catherine Hope


Spatialising Threads/Hallucinations: Closing the Gap Between Installation and Performance, Catherine A. Hope and Kynan Tan


Screen Scores: New Media Music Manuscripts , Cat Hope and Lindsay Vickery


Visualising the Score: Screening Scores in Realtime Performance, Cat Hope and Lindsay Vickery


Multidimensional Data Sets: Traversing Sound Synthesis, Sound Sculpture, and Scored Composition, Stuart James and Catherine Hope


Organicism in Live Experimental Electroacoustic Music, Mark Mcmahon

Outback Dreaming: Peter Sculthorpe and the guitar, Jonathan R. Paget


Knowledge, Experience and a Dash of Rebellion: Dance Training in Australia, Maggi Phillips


What's in a Name? Is the term "Third Stream Music" truly representative of the music it is supposed to describe? Would the term "Jazzical" be just as appropriate?, Matthew Styles


The Evaluation of Nonlinear Musical Structures , Lindsay Vickery


The Possibilities of Novel Formal Structures through Computer Controlled Live Performance , Lindsay Vickery

Submissions from 2010

The Triple Threat Actor and the Acquisition of Music Skills, Derek Bond

Mobile Scores and Click-Tracks: Teaching Old Dogs , Lindsay Vickery

Submissions from 2009

Cultural Terrorism and anti music: Noise music and its impact on experimental music in Australia, Catherine Hope

Infrasonic Music, Catherine Hope

The Bottom End of Cinema: Low Frequency Effects in soundtrack composition, Catherine Hope

The Wonderment of the Bleak: Scultping the Static, Catherine Hope


Artists, Creativity and Knowledge: A Challenge for Doctoral Change, Maggi Phillips

Seeking Excellence in Danced Postgraduate Degrees, Maggi Phillips


Dancing Doctorates Down-Under? Defining and Assessing 'Doctorateness' When Embodiment Enters the Thesis , Maggi Phillips, Cheryl Stock, and Kim Vincs

Submissions from 2008

Fidels Cigar, Christopher Baker

Performances at Jazz Mo by Hip Mo Toast, Elizabeth Clements

Performances at the York Jazz festival by Hip Mo Toast, Elizabeth Clements

The Hip Mo toast Big Band Australia Day Concert, Elizabeth Clements

John Meyer's Blues Express, Richard Eastman

G5G - Co-lead, Jeremy Greig

Intercontinental Drift, Jeremy Greig

The Sarah McKenzie Septet , Jeremy Greig

WAAPA All Star Big Band Musical - Jazz Windows, Jeremy Greig

WAAPA in the Park - 18-piece band directed by Jeremy Greig, Jeremy Greig

Blood Brothers (Musical Staging), Jennifer Hobbs

Irene in Concert, Jennifer Hobbs

Oklahoma, Jennifer Hobbs

Calcutta Underground - 10-minute dance music piece, Catherine Hope

Club Zho 81 at Liquid Architecture 9 - Live Semi Improvised Performance, Catherine Hope

Configuring Music a conversation with Anthony Pateras, Catherine Hope

Freedom and structure take on instruments and hardware: a conversation with Lindsay Vickery, Catherine Hope

I am the music I don't notate, Catherine Hope

Kitty Luck , Catherine Hope

Lost - a Low Frequency Soundscape for Kate McMillan's Lost Exhibition, Catherine Hope

Mountains never meet - Original Music Score, Catherine Hope

Music that Speaks for Itself, Catherine Hope

Resonator, Catherine Hope

The Plateau of the Screaming Popes, Catherine Hope

The Possiblity of Infrasonic Music, Catherine Hope

Body Traps , Jonathan Marshall

Deep Inside The Box, Jonathan Marshall

Is It All Just Stuff?: Genres, tension and language in contemporary Australian sound arts, Jonathan Marshall

Murderous Ambivalences, Jonathan Marshall

Pathos, Pathology and the Still-Mobile Image: A Warburgian Reading of Held by Garry Stewart and Lois Greenfield, Jonathan Marshall

Pathos, Pathology and the Still-Mobile Image: A Warburgian Reading of Held by Garry Stewart and Lois Greenfield, Jonathan Marshall

Puppets at play with form and history, Jonathan Marshall

Reading the Land Seeing the Light, Jonathan Marshall

Room for Change, Jonathan Marshall

Other Gravities, Julia Moody

Accompanist for Megan Washington - Paul Grabowsky Septet, Lost and Found, Sam Keevers Nonet, Jamie Oehlers

Interpretation of Thelonious Monk Music, Jamie Oehlers

Jamie Oehlers Headline Artist, Jamie Oehlers

Jamie Oehlers Quartet, Jamie Oehlers

Jamie Oehlers Quintet, Jamie Oehlers

Jamie Oehlers with the Brodsky Quartet and PIAF (WA), Jamie Oehlers

Lost and Found: Oehlers, Grabowsky and Beck, Jamie Oehlers

Paul Grabowski Sextet, Jamie Oehlers

Rainbow Bridge, Jamie Oehlers

Dido and Aeneas , Jonathan Paget

Freaky Dancer , Jonathan Paget

Glowing Guitars - guest soloist , Jonathan Paget

Guitarfest , Jonathan Paget

Lachrimae Tristes (Sad Tears), Jonathan Paget

Midsummer's Night, Jonathan Paget

Romancero , Jonathan Paget

Souvenirs, Jonathan Paget

Short Cuts, Susan Peacock


Creativity's Crossingforces:A Danced Interplay, Maggi Phillips

Dangerous Curves, Paul Pooley

Saxophone Colossus, Paul Pooley

Victoria Newton in Concert, Paul Pooley