Submissions from 2008

Far Away, Angela Punch-Mcgregor

Dada Manifesto, Malcolm Riddoch

Enargeia: experimental electronic improvisation performance, Malcolm Riddoch

Epic of Gilgamesh: Abe Sada , Malcolm Riddoch

A Baroque Bouquet - Director, Stewart Smith

Baroque Oboe and Violin - harpischord player, Stewart Smith

Coram Boy-original score pre-recorded , Stewart Smith

Everything Baroque-harpsichord/chamber organ player, Stewart Smith

The Perfection of Music: Masterpieces of the French Baroque: The Palais Royal, Stewart Smith

Various Baroque Works, Stewart Smith

Bach in the Dark Concert, Stewart Smith and Peter Tanfield

August Classics: Hobart Chamber Orchestra Concert , Peter Tanfield

Musica Viva Tasmania/Violin Recitals, Peter Tanfield

St. Matthew Passion , Peter Tanfield

Tasmanian Youth Orchestra, Peter Tanfield

Guitar Man - Hank Marvin CD as percussionist, Christopher Tarr

Descarga and Dance Tour as percussionist, Christopher Tarr and Jeremy Greig

Dinner By The River, Andrew Taylor

Noises Off, Crispin Taylor

Sweeney Todd, Crispin Taylor

Ted Hughes’ Tales From Ovid, Crispin Taylor

Delicious ironies (cyphers), Lindsay Vickery

Miss Muffet Eats a Mushroom, Michael Whaites

Defying Gravity 21st Birthday ABC Classic FM National Broadcast, Timothy White

Accompanist for Ralph Thompson Memorial Scholarship Recital , David Wickham

Aivale Cole, international artist of Schumann and Carter, David Wickham

CPE Bach Chamber Music Ensemble, pianist, David Wickham

Die Walkure, David Wickham

Opera Stars Of the Future, David Wickham

Piano accompaniment for international recording artist Ruby Philogene, David Wickham

PVC piano trio - Beethoven and Schubert, David Wickham

Song recital with Nola Formentin and Ryan Sharp, David Wickham

Song recital with Yan Kee, Leilah Fox and Alexandra Bak, David Wickham

The Crucible , David Wickham

The French Flute Project accompanist to Dr Emily Gunson, David Wickham

UWA Lunchtime Concert accompanist to Kathryn Zerk (WA Opera Company), David Wickham

Vocal coach, musical director, pianist Gala Concert for West Australian Opera , David Wickham

WAAPA In The Park, David Wickham

Song recital with Christina Gronborg, Helen Brown, Yann Kee, Leilah Fox, David Wickham and Helen Brown

Piano Fortissimo , David Wickham, Mark Coughlan, Stewart Smith, and Graham Wood

Submissions from 2007

The Butcher's Dance (Author), Christopher Baker

The Cherry Orchard (Director), Christopher Baker

Red Rocket, Jeremy Greig

Disoriental 2007, Catherine Hope

Making Music as Contemporary Art, Catherine Hope

Perth: City of Noise , Catherine Hope

Quasimodo the Great Lover (re-interpretation), Catherine Hope

Silence as Stillness? Sonic experiences in art using Infrasonics, Catherine Hope

Watched, Catherine Hope

Concealed and Revealed , Jonathan Marshall

More Than Rabitting On, Jonathan Marshall

Room For Everything and More, Jonathan Marshall

Tensions of Form and Affect-Jonathan Marshall at Strut's Dance #2 2007, Jonathan Marshall

The Body Written, Recollected, Haunted, Jonathan Marshall

The Loving Wild Child-Jonathan Marshall is engaged by memmie le blanc, Jonathan Marshall

The Whole Stage is Breathing, Jonathan Marshall

Unnerving and Uncanny, Jonathan Marshall

Vertiginous Pleasures of Disconnection, Jonathan Marshall

Vigilante Performance, Jonathan Marshall

"19", Kim Mccarthy

"19" (dancer), Kim Mccarthy

The Sum of One, Kim Mccarthy

Alice, Joseph Mercurio

Ballet at the Quarry , Joseph Mercurio

Coppelia, Joseph Mercurio

Bach Circle, Jonathan Paget

Faith Court Orchestra Concert, Jonathan Paget

Nigel Westlake and Six Fish at CGSWA Ensemble Festival, Jonathan Paget

Saffire, Jonathan Paget

Three Songs by Robert Spencer, Jonathan Paget

WAAPA Guitar Fest: A Plucked String Spectacular, Jonathan Paget

Undoing, Susan Peacock

Paul Pooley Quartet, Paul Pooley

Aftershocks (Director), Andrew Smith

UnAustralia, Andrew Smith

The Perfection of Music: Masterpieces of the French Baroque: The Concert Francais, Stewart Smith

The Perfection of Music: Masterpieces of the French Baroque: The Concert Spirituel , Stewart Smith

The Perfection of Music Volume 1 : Masterpieces of the French Baroque: French Baroque Cantatas, Stewart Smith

Hobart Town Hall (Director), Peter Tanfield

St John's Camerata (Director and Soloist), Peter Tanfield

Strung Out, Peter Tanfield

WAAPA Music Theatre Showcase 07- Director, Crispin Taylor

The Good Fight, Crispin Taylor and Jennifer Hobbs

Eraflage, Lindsay Vickery

Tectonic, Lindsay Vickery

Heaven's Above, Michael Whaites

Transpacific (Link Dance Company), Michael Whaites

Defying Gravity and Steven Richter , Timothy White

ABC Sunday Live recital with Sky Ingram and Sam Roberts-Smith, David Wickham

A Midsummer Night's Dream, David Wickham

Diamonds in the Snow - song recital with Sara Macliver, David Wickham

Recital with Vladimir Urosevic, David Wickham

Sunday Serenades - song recital with Helen Brown, David Wickham

The Love of the Nightingale, David Wickham

Three Divas, David Wickham

Quartet for the End of Time/Lerchenmusik, David Wickham and Michael Goldschlager

The Happy Prince/Angelique - musical director, David Wickham and John Milson

Submissions from 2006

Before I Get Old, Christopher Baker

Rice and Celery (Tonglen), Domenico De Clario

Demis Roussoss Australian Tour, Richard Eastman