Submissions from 2006

Lucky Oceans "Secret Steel", Richard Eastman

Tex Perkins and Tim Rogers with WASO- Drummer, Richard Eastman

Norman Lindsay: Drawn to Women, the complete published etchings exhibition, Michael Goldschlager

The Hinchinbrook Riffs , Michael Goldschlager

As the crow flies, Nanette Hassall

Dis-Oriental, Catherine Hope

Low Groom - Sound Spectrum series, Catherine Hope

Ruby, Catherine Hope

Unravelled, Catherine Hope

Voyeurages Singapore, Catherine Hope

Body Cuts , Jonathan Marshall

Midori Yoshimoto, Into Performance: Japanese Women Artists in New York, Jonathan Marshall

Performance of final three psalms of Alexander Utendal's Penitential Psalms, Anthony Maydwell

Performance of first four psalms of Alexander Utendal's Penitential Psalms, Anthony Maydwell

Reconstruction of Alexander Utendal's Penitential Psalms (1570), Anthony Maydwell

Ballet at the Quarry - West Australian Ballet, Joseph Mercurio

Midsummer Night's Dream-Lighting, Joseph Mercurio

The Red Shoes-Lighting, Joseph Mercurio

David Pye's The Seasons, Julia Moody

Soulmates cast member, Julia Moody

Invisible Symmetries: A retrospective of the work of Lindsay Vicery, Jonathan Mustard

You R Here Session 1, Jamie Oehlers

You R Here Session 2, Jamie Oehlers

A concerto for guitar and choir: Romancero Gitano by Mario Castelnuovo, Jonathan Paget

Concert as conductor of WA Classical Guitar Society Orchestra, Jonathan Paget

Works presented as conductor and director of Plectra Ensemble, Jonathan Paget

Adrift, Susan Peacock

Crow, Susan Peacock

Hoofas , Susan Peacock

If only he could see what she was looking at, Susan Peacock

Paper Doll, Susan Peacock

South Western Times Survey - group exhibition, Judith Roche

Wetlands Art Exhibition, Judith Roche

Assassins (Director), Andrew Smith

Family, Andrew Smith

One Perfect Day (Director), Andrew Smith

Parallax - directed Episodes 6, 8, 9, 11 , Andrew Smith

Sleepover Club (Director), Andrew Smith

Streetsmartz - directed half hour episode, Andrew Smith

Charitable Intent - director, Crispin Taylor

Hiawatha - director, Crispin Taylor

Sweet Charity - director, Crispin Taylor

WAAPA Music Theatre Showcase 06, Crispin Taylor

In the night sings the breeze , Andries Weidemann

The Joyous Decision and Pasticcio 1, Andries Weidemann

Small World festival, Michael Whaites

Defying Gravity and Freddy Poncin: ABC Classic FM National Broadcast, Timothy White

Bastien and Bastienne; Trouble in Tahiti, David Wickham

Carols at The Studio, David Wickham

Flights of fancy: Song recital with Andrew Glover, David Wickham

Life is serious - Song recital with Wade Kernot, David Wickham

Manon, David Wickham

On a high note, David Wickham

Opera al fresco, David Wickham

Rodelinda, David Wickham

Song recital with Michael Honeyman, David Wickham

Song recital with Robert Tucker-The lads in their hundreds, David Wickham

Songs for swingin' lovers, David Wickham

Songs of the Orient with Emma Fraser, David Wickham

Studio sings Sondheim, David Wickham

The Little Things We Do Together, David Wickham

The Magic Flute, David Wickham

Song recital with Helen Brown, David Wickham and Helen Brown

Submissions from 2005

Out of Here , Christopher Baker

The bridge between, Clive Barstow

Stolen by Jane Harrison, Rick Brayford

WAAPA Big Band producer/director of CD Random Musings, Jeremy Greig

Invisible country, Margaret Hair

Eight - group exhibition, Katherine Hall and Judith Roche

Flail/Thrash - Choreographer, Nanette Hassall

Interfearance, Catherine Hope

Lapsang and Beyond the Infinite, Catherine Hope

Inciting reflection: A short manifesto for and introduction to the discursive reviewing of the arts, Jonathan Marshall

Edition and performance of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina's Fourth Book of Lamentations - director and editor, Anthony Maydwell

First Australian performance of Einojuhani Rautavaara's Vigilia - director, Anthony Maydwell

Shakespeare: a concert of inspired music by … director, Anthony Maydwell

Bratwurst and Damper - lighting design, Joseph Mercurio

Cinderella - West Australian Ballet - lighting design, Joseph Mercurio

Mr Cha Cha's Ballroom - lighting design, Joseph Mercurio

The Majic Flute - lighting design, Joseph Mercurio

Rob Muir's Conning the Text - part of interactive installation , Julia Moody

Hanging Around the Sky, Eleanor Murray

Baraqoda, Jonathan Mustard

Recital at the 2005 Shell Darwin International Guitar Festival, Jonathan Paget

We are Family - Tsunami Benefit Concert, Jonathan Paget


Diversified Moves of a Specialised Ecology: Can this Art-Form be Sustainable?, Maggi Phillips

Ordinary wilderness - Be True to the Earth Conference, Perdita Phillips

Rocks on the outside; a box for directions - Blindbox exhibition, Perdita Phillips

Strange Strolls - curator, Perdita Phillips

To meander and back - Strange Strolls, Perdita Phillips

Transformation, luminance, fading, standing and walking - Colour thro' the Looking Glass, Perdita Phillips

Eight - co-ordinator and co-curator, Judith Roche

Level 10: New stories from the tower - group exhibition, Judith Roche

Postcard Vernosti (Director), Andrew Smith

The Conservatorium Chamber Soloists, Peter Tanfield

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum-director, Crispin Taylor

Chess - The Concert, Crispin Taylor

Shifting Planes , Lindsay Vickery

Western Electric: a survey of recent Western Australian Electronic Music, Lindsay Vickery

Defying Gravity: ABC Classic FM 'Sunday Live' world premiere Tsunami Memorial Broadcast, Timothy White