Business excellence, governance and Australian local government: Keynote address

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Conference Proceeding


Hong Seng School of Commerce

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Hong Kong


Faculty of Business and Law


School of Management




Brown, A.R., Susomrith, P. (2006). Business excellence, governance and Australian Local Government: Keynote address.In Proceedings of 11th International Conference on ISO 9000 & TQM - TQM and Corporate Governance. Hong Kong: Hong Seng School of Commerce.


The adoption of quality and business excellence models in the local government sector has received limited research attention outside the UK. In recent years, in Australia, a number of local governments have received Australian Business Excellence Awards as a result of their use of the framework This paper looks at the adoption of Business Excellence frameworks by Australian local governments and seeks to examine if there are differences in this sector which might impact on how the framework is applied and if so, what are they? It also examines the potential impact of these models on corporate governance in the sector. Findings suggest that the motivation for and use of business excellence by local governments is not all that different from other sectors despite some unique characteristics. It has also had a positive influence on governance issues.

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