"Standing alone you can't win anything": The importance of collaborative relationships for wineries producing muscadine wines

Abel Duarte Alonso, Edith Cowan University

This is an electronic version of an article published in Alonso, A. (2011). "Standing Alone You Can't Win Anything": The Importance of Collaborative Relationships for Wineries Producing Muscadine Wines. Journal of Wine Research, 22(1), p. 43-55., is available online here


The present study explores the extent to which wineries producing muscadine wines in the Southern United States engage in collaborative relationships. Using telephone (29) and face-to-face interviews (two), data were collected among 31 small/family-owned winery operations located in the Southern region. The findings not only demonstrate that overall wineries are actively engaged in collaborative relationships, but also that they do so in different ways. Working as a group, reciprocal promotion of wineries involved in wine trails/tourism, or even meeting to exchange ideas are strong reasons for collaboration. In addition, some responses suggest that collaboration provides a sense of friendship and belonging among wineries, an aspect intrinsically related to the concept of social capital. As the muscadine wine producing sector continues to strive for recognition and success in the Southern United States, the importance of strengthening collaborative relationships and implications of these for Southern wineries are discussed.


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