H.C. Coombs Lecture - 1991

Ross Garnaut is an economist whose career has been built around the analysis of and practice of policy connected to development, economic policy and international relations in Australia, Asia, and the Pacific.

In his address Banking After Deregulation - Prudence, Accountability, and the Role of Regional Banks he speaks about money and banking, touching on the history on banking in Australia from the 1930’s to the lessons of the 1980’s that we should never have to learn again and looks at the future of banking and the ability to anticipate the problems before they emerge when the issues of today have passed into history.

About Ross Garnaut

Dr Garnaut was born in Perth, Western Australia, and was educated at Perth Modern School. He holds Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the Australian National University.

Throughout his career he was, at various times, Australian Ambassador to China; Senior Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, Bob Hawke; First Assistant Secretary, General Financial and Economic Policy with the Papua New Guinea Department of Finance; Senior Adviser to the Commonwealth Secretariat in London; and Member of the Advisory Council to the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs.

He has held a number of Academic Positions over the years including Professor of Economics at the Australian National University (1989-2008), Head of Economics Department at ANU (1989-1998) and the Director of the ANU Asia Pacific School of Economics and Management. He is currently Professor Emeritus within the University of Melbourne.

Garnaut, R. (2021) Ross Garnaut. https://www.rossgarnaut.com.au/

Garnaut, R. (1991, May 1). Banking After Deregulation - Prudence, Accountability, and the Role of Regional Banks [Conference Presentation]. Herbert Cole Coombs Annual Lecture, Scarborough Beach, WA, Australia.

Ross Garnaut - Banking After Deregulation: Prudence, Accountability and the Role of Regional Banks

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