The Stukeley plays : The Battle of Alcazar by George Peele ; The famous history of the life and death of Captain Thomas Stukeley

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Manchester University Press ; Distributed exclusively in the USA by Palgrave

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Manchester, UK ; New York


Edelman, C

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Edelman, C., Ed. (2005). The Stukeley Plays. Manchester UK, Manchester University Press.


Sir Thomas Stukeley, the notorious English courtier, pirate, adventurer and soldier, died at the Battle of Alcazar in Morocco in 1578, while serving in the army of King Sebastian of Portugal. This volume comprises the first modern-spelling, annotated edition of two plays in which he is a major character: George Peele's The Battle of Alcazar (c.1588), and the anonymous Famous History of the Life and Death of Captain Thomas Stukeley (c.1596).

In his extensive introduction and commentary, Charles Edelman discusses the plays' authorship, their many textual problems and what they reveal about Elizabethan performance practices. He also challenges most of the traditional assumptions about them. This edition shows that both works, long held to be unperformable, are instead fascinating and worthwhile representatives of the most exciting age in the history of the theat