Submissions from 2010


Shifting Positions to the Media Discourse on Terrorism: Critical Points in Audience Members' Meaning-making Experiences, Anne Aly


Fear, anxiety and the state of terror., Anne Aly and Lelia Green

Submissions from 2009

The historical roots of Al Qaeda's ideology: understanding Ayman al Zawahri's vision and developing an appropriate response., Anne Aly


Social Implications of Fearing Terrorism. A report on Australian responses to the images, Anne Aly and Lelia Green

Submissions from 2008


“They want us to be Afraid” Developing a Metric for the Fear of Terrorism, Anne Aly and Mark Balnaves


Less than Equal: Secularism, Religious Pluralism and Privilege, Anne Aly and Lelia Rosalind Green


Moderate Islam': Defining the Good Citizen, Anne Aly and Lelia Rosalind Green


"We Are Next!": Listening to Jewish Voices in a Multicultural Country, Lelia Rosalind Green, Gerry Bloustien, and Mark Balnaves


What the British Papers Said on the First Anniversary of the London Bombing, Lelia Rosalind Green and Nahid Afrose Kabir


What the British Papers said on the Second Anniversary of the London Bombings, Nahid Afrose Kabir and Lelia Rosalind Green

Submissions from 2007


Australian Muslim Responses to the Discourse on Terrorism in the Australian Popular Media, Anne Aly

Behavioural reponses to the terrorism threat: Applications of the Metric of Fear, Anne Aly, Mark Balnaves, and Christopher Chalon


Veiled Threats: Recurrent Cultural Anxieties in Australia, Anne Aly and David Walker


Media, 9/11 and Fear: A National Survey of Australian Community Responses to Images of Terror., Mark Balnaves and Anne Aly

Submissions from 2006

The AtmosFear of terror: Australian Muslims as Objects of Fear and Othering, Anne Aly

Their fear - Our Fear, Anne Aly

Islamic Communities and Media Activism in Australia, Mark Balnaves

Submissions from 2005

The atmosfear of terror: Affective modulation and the war on terror, Anne Aly and Mark Balnaves