Contributions of Home-Based Businesses to Regional Economic Development

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This article was originally published as: Wang, C. , Walker, E. A., Redmond, J. L., & Breen, J. (2009). Contributions of home-based businesses to regional economic development. Proceedings of 23rd ANZAM Conference 2009. Melbourne. Victoria. Original article available here.


Home-based businesses (HBBs) are the most dominant form of enterprise and the fastest growing business segment in most Western economies. HBBs have raised significant government interest based on their potential to deliver economic development and growth for the communities that they operate in. While international knowledge of the home-based sector is growing in the areas of HBB occurrence, operator characteristics and business activities, there is limited focus on HBBs operating within a regional context even though HBBs are thought to be more common outside urban areas. This paper presents results from a West Australian study that explored the profile of regionally located HBBs and examined the economic contributions that these businesses made to their geographic areas.

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