Political Chronicles Western Australia July to December 2007

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This article was originally published as: Phillips, H. C., & Kerr, L. (2013). Political Chronicles Western Australia July to December 2007. Australian Journal of Politics and History, 54(2), 314-320. Original available here


Western Australians will remember the second half of 2007 as a period characterised by sustained economic growth, the opening of the new southern rail project, and continuing revelations from the ongoing investigation into public officers with connections to the lobbyist and former state premier Brian Burke. The boom in employment and investment in the north-west contributed to significant labour and skills shortages across the state, whilst the 23 December opening of the controversial Mandurah to Perth railway line was labelled as a “Christmas Gift” for Western Australians, muting criticism about the year long delay in its opening. In parliament too, some historic events arose as a result of its Privileges Committees’ investigations,and those of the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC). The 24 November federal election campaign had an impact in Western Australia, with the Liberal party performing better than elsewhere in Australia.


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