Reflecting on Teaching Practices Using Digital Video Representation in Teacher Education

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This article was originally published as: Newhouse, C. P., Lane, J. M., & Brown, C. L. (2007). Reflecting on teaching practices using digital video representation in teacher education. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 32(3), 1-12. Original article available here


This paper reports on the perceptions of teacher education student of the value of using digital tools to analyse video-based information on the practice of teachers in classrooms. This strategy was employed to address a dilemma in providing sufficient exposure to real examples of good classroom teaching to link theory with practice. The use of video of teachers in action could augment their practicum experience in schools but this required efficient and effective access to appropriate video material. For this purpose, the use of digital tools in a system called LessonLab was successfully implemented in an introductory unit focused on learning theories at Edith Cowan University. Data collected using a survey of students and focus group discussion indicated that for almost all the students the experience was valued and the system operated effectively.