Information Warfare and Deception

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Journal Article


Informing Science Institute


Computing, Health and Science


Computer and Information Science




This article was originally published as: Hutchinson, W. (2006). Information warfare and deception. Informing Science, 9, 213. Original available here


This paper examines the history of the phenom enon of Information Warfare and the increasingly dominant role that deception is taking within its framework. The concept of information warfare began as a technology oriented tactic to gain information dominance by superior command and control. This soon developed into a realization of the power of information as both a ‘weapon’ as well as a ‘target’. The importance of information ra ther than its associated vehicle – information technology − created a situation where influence became a critical factor in conflict. As the nature of conflict changed to being an almost ongoing situation, control over mass communication be- came a high priority task for governments as we ll as the military. As such, the manipulation of information became an essential function. Thus, th e world of deception became an integral part of official communications between governments and their constituency.