Cardiovascular and Metabolic Complications During Androgen Deprivation: Exercise as a Potential Countermeasure

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Journal Article


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Vario Health Institute, Centre for Exercise and Sports Science Research




This article was originally published as: Galvao, D. A., Taaffe, D., Spry, N., Joseph, D., & Newton, R. (2009). Cardiovascular and metabolic complications during androgen deprivation: exercise as a potential countermeasure. Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases , 12, 233-40. Original article available here


Apart from the well-established adverse musculoskeletal and sexual health effects of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), evidence is accumulating of substantial ADT-related cardiovascular and metabolic complications, which may impact quality of life and overall survival. In this brief review we discuss (1) the incidence of cardiovascular and metabolic complications during/following ADT from large cohort studies, (2) the increased risk factors for cardiovascular and metabolic disease from cross-sectional and prospective studies and (3) the use of physical exercise as a countermeasure in this new era of ADT-related toxicity. It is clear that exercise has the potential to provide a myriad of benefits to men undergoing ADT that may result in reduced morbidity and mortality, and subsequently improve quality of life.


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