Research Outputs in the Creative and Performing Arts: 'Australianising' an International Debate

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Journal Article


University of Queensland


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Communications and Arts




This article was originally published as: Green, L. R. (2006). Research outputs in the creative and performing arts: 'Australianising' an international debate. Media International Australia, Incorporating Culture & Policy, 118(Feb), 5-15.


This paper positions current Australian discussions about practice-led research within international, national, historical and policy contexts and relates them to the developing pedagogical debate around performing and creative arts doctorates. Arguing that the creative industries offer benefits across the economy, it suggests that recognition for the research methodology specific to practice-led disciplines and the creative industries is overdue. The discussions in this paper, and in this theme issue of MIA, are all the more critical as a result of their articulation with the imminent introduction of the Research Quality Framework (RQF), which will allow nuanced, rigorous and internationally benchmarked evaluation of the quality and impact ofresearch outputs. The RQF and the proposed research assessment panel for 'creative arts, design and built environment' herald the way for wider acceptance of practice-led outputs in the Australian research environment.

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