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This article was originally published as: Oliver, R. G., Mcmahon, M. T., Higgs, P., Shum, R., Wait, L., & Lou, D. (2006). The trial of learning objects: exploring the design and delivery of VTE courses with learning objects. Proceedings of The 23rd annual conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education. (pp. 603-613). Sydney NSW. Sydney University Press. Original article available here


This paper describes a project undertaken in the Australian vocational training and education (VTE) sector that sought to investigate success factors associated with the design and delivery of courses using learning objects (LOs). The project explored the strategies used by three teachers as they used digital repositories to discover learning objects, and then applied the objects through a content management system to create online courses. The paper reports the factors that were found to influence the online learning settings that resulted and teachers' perceptions of LOs as building blocks for online courses.

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