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This conference paper was originally published as: Lo, K. , Habibi, D. , Phung, Q.V. , Nguyen, H. N., & Kang, B. (2005). Dynamic p-cycles selection in optical WDM Mesh networks. Proceedings of 13th IEEE International Conference on Networks. Jointly held with the 2005 IEEE 7th Malaysia International Conference on Communication. (pp. 844-849). Kuala Lumpur. IEEE. Original article available here


P-cycles have been recognized as a useful protection scheme in WDM mesh networks. This is a type of shared link protection that not only retains the mesh-like capacity efficiency, but also achieves the ring-like protection switching speed. However, finding the optimal set of p-cycles for protecting traffic demands is not a simple task and is an NP-hard problem. A general approach is to determine a set of candidate p-cycles and then determine optimal or near-optimal solutions by using integer linear programming (ILP) models or heuristics. In a dense mesh network, however, the number of candidate cycles is huge, and increases exponentially if the node number is increased. Thus, searching for a suitable set of efficient candidate cycles is crucial and imperative to balancing the computational time and the optimality of solutions. In this paper, we propose a dynamic P-cycles selection (DPS) algorithm that improves the efficiency of enumerating candidate p-cycles. The dynamic approach for cycle selection is based on the network state. In the DPS algorithm, all cycles are found and stored, then an efficient and sufficient set of p-cycles is extracted to achieve 100% working protection, minimize the spare capacity, and reduce time complexity.



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