Learning to Program Using Part-Complete Solutions

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Dept. of Educational Sciences, University of Cyprus


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This article was originally published as: Garner, S. K. (2003). Learning to program using part-complete solutions. Proceedings of International Conference of Computer Based Learning in Science. (pp. 8-14). Nicosia, Cyprus. Dept. of Educational Sciences, University of Cyprus. Original article available here


Learning to write computer programs is not an easy process for many students with students experiencing high levels of cognitive load. This paper discusses the “completion” method of learning to program that requires students to complete solutions for incomplete programs that have been given to them. A software tool called CORT (Code Restructuring Tool) which supports the “completion” method of learning to program and that has been developed by the author is then described. Initial evaluations of the tool indicate that students who use CORT require less time to solve problems and require less resources than non-CORT students. There was no difference in the performance of both groups of students in a final examination.