I like it but how do I know if it's any good? Quality and preference in wine consumption

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Journal Article


Journal of Research for Consumers


Business and Public Management


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This article was originally published as: Charters, S., & Pettigrew, S. (2003). I like it but how do I know if it’s any good? Quality and preference in wine consumption. Journal of Research for Consumers, 5, 1021-1027. Original available here


This study explored the relationship between quality perceptions and preferences in the context of wine consumption. Interviews and ‘focus tastings’ were used to elicit information from Australian wine consumers, wine producers, and wine industry mediators. The findings indicate that in the context of wine consumption preference seems to be a means of linking a personal, subjective approach to wine enjoyment with a more objective viewpoint on wine quality. It allows for the idea that quality is ‘out there’ and is verifiable independently of what drinkers like to consume. It also allows both a subjective and an objective perspective to be maintained contemporaneously despite their initial apparent contradiction.