In-class Conference Provides an Authentic Learning Experience

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This article was originally published as: Ziman, M. (2003). In-class conference provides and authentic learning experience. Proceedings of 26th HERDSA Annual Conference: Learning For An Unknown Future. (pp. 8 pages). Christchurch, New Zealand. Carfax Publishing, Taylor and Francis Ltd. Original article available here


This article argues that student-centred research culminating in student publications and presentations delivered in an authentic learning environment may be used to enhance the learning of biomedical science subjects, particularly those that are traditionally taught in formal lecture and tutorial style. The author discusses the pedagogical value of student presentations to peers, and professional and community groups for the teaching and learning of pharmacology within the School of Biomedical Science. The author asserts that the authentic-leaning project has created opportunities for science students to develop their overall ability to vommunicate and disseminate knowledge resulting in a statistically significant improvement in the standard of student literature reviews. Additional outcomes include better-informed, more confident students who have the ability to perform authentic, meaningful research and are equipped with important industry-related skills.

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