Using ICT to Create a Dynamic Online Learning Environment

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Research and Training Institute of East Agean


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This article was originally published as: Combes, B. , & Sekulla, G. (2003). Using ICT to Create a Dynamic Online Learning Environment. Proceedings of International Conference Information Communication Technologies in Education. Samos, Greece. Research and Training Institute of East Agean.Conference website available here.


The development of online curriculum and the use of the Internet as a method of program delivery provides opportunities for all educational sectors to not only prepare students to be able to function effectively in the Information Society and learning environments that are driven by technology, but also to extend education beyond the walls of one institution. Developing online courses and modules of curriculum that are engaging and integrated learning experiences, rather than just text on screen, is a problem facing educators worldwide. This paper focuses on the creation of a unique and dynamic learning environment currently evolving in a purpose-built Western Australian Senior College.