The makers and shapers of tourism policy in the Northern Territory of Australia: A policy network analysis of actors and their relational constellations

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Journal Article


University of Queensland


Business and Public Management


Marketing, Tourism and Leisure




This article was originally published as: Pforr, C. (2002). The" makers and shapers" of tourism policy in the northern territory of Australia: a policy network analysis of actors and their relational constellations. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, 9(2), 134-152. Original available here


This paper explores the actors and their relational constellation in the Northern Territory tourism policy domain. The policy network approach is employed as an analytical tool to describe and explain the complex nature of the interaction between the various players who assembled around a single policy issue, the development of the Northern Territory Tourism Development Masterplan (TDMP). In this case study, the focus is therefore set on issue-specific communication networks which underlie the formulation process of that tourism plan. To map the pattern of relationships two main questions are at the forefront - 'who are the core actors?' and 'what is the nature of their interaction?'.