Helping adolescents achieve positive mental health: Implications for social marketing

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Journal Article


Journal of Research for Consumers


Business and Public Management


Marketing, Tourism and Leisure




This article was originally published as: Miraudo, A., & Pettigrew, S. (2002). Helping Adolescents Achieve Positive Mental Health: Implications for Social Marketing. The Journal of Research for Consumers, 4. Original article available here


This study sought to explore barriers to achieving positive mental health in adolescence from the perspectives of adolescents and their carers. In-depth interviews with male and female adolescents aged 15-17 years and school psychologists practicing in government and private schools provided insight into the mental health problems experienced by adolescents and the most effective ways to resolve these problems. The study found that current levels of community knowledge about mental health problems, the need to maintain a positive self-image, and the use of non-ideal coping skills may be the primary reasons for a reluctance among adolescents to seek help when afflicted with a mental health problem. The findings from this study provide insight for public policy makers and health promotion organisations by suggesting specific social marketing recommendations. In addition, practical information and recommendations are directed towards educators, parents, and adolescents.

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