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This article was originally published as: Green, L. R. (2002). Did the world really change on 9/11? Australian Journal of Communication, 29(2), 1-14.


In setting myself the question 'Did the world really change an 9/11 ?', I tie myself into two discussions. The first is an exercise in comparing and contrasting perceptions around the pivotal date of September 11, 2001: what was the world 'really' like prior to the attacks on America (as they came to be called) and what is it 'really' like now? The use of the word 'really' here flags the operation of value judgements; any estimation of change around this event is laden with personal perspectives. The second discussion is the one I deal with first: is there a body of opinion asserting that the events of 9/11 were world-changing events? I propose to offer four examples, centred in the US media, but exported thence to western audiences, which variously assert that the events of September 11 changed the world.