Digital transmission: an innovative strategy to improve quality in education

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Community Services, Education and Social Sciences


Kurongkurl Katitjin




Gururajan, V. (2001). Digital Transmission : an Innovative Strategy to Improve Quality in Education.. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 26(1).


In 2000 the Australian government, recognising the need for educational equality for Australian Indigenous people has commissioned a taskforce to identify various factors affecting Indigenous Education. One of the factors identified by the task force included the need for strategies to deliver quality education to various Indigenous communities. Research studies conducted on the delivery of education highlight the importance of the Internet for the flexible delivery of education. However, government reports indicate that Australian Indigenous communities have problems in utilising this technology for reasons such as access, infrastructure, training, etc. Therefore a new model based on the recently introduced digital technology may be tested for delivering quality education to Indigenous communities. This paper provides a discussion of the impact and influence of digital transmission in facilitating the delivery of quality educational resources for Indigenous Australians. For the purposes of discussion, a model architecture is formed and a number of issues based on this architecture are considered. These issues include data transmission, delivery mechanisms, regulations and the pricing of realising such services. The focus of the paper is to provide discussion of quality educational services to a wide range of Indigenous audiences.



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