Attitudes of aboriginal students to school

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Community Services, Education and Social Sciences


Kurongkurl Katitjin


Godfrey, J., Partington, G., Harslett, M., & Richer, K. (2001). Attitudes of Aboriginal Students to Schooling. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 26(1).


In this paper the attitudes of Aboriginal students to schooling are examined. Aboriginal children from upper primary and lower secondary years responded to a questionnaire related to various aspects of their schooling experience, their intentions about remaining at school and their future education. The questionnaire contained 73 items constructed primarily with a four-point Likert scale. An analysis indicated that the questionnaire was highly reliable as a whole and in its components. The paper reports that these Aboriginal students responded highly positively on a number of significant issues in regard to their attitudes to schooling. They generally had positive attitudes to school, intended to remain at school to the end of year 12 and wished to succeed in further education.



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