Professional Development Models and Transformative Change: A Case Study of Indicators of Effective Practice in Higher Education

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This article was originally published as: Roche, V. (2001). Professional development models and transformative change: A case study of indicators of effective practice in higher education. International Journal for Academic Development, 6(2), 120-129. Original article available here


Unrelenting and radical change in universities over the past two decades has increased pressure on all groups of staff to clarify and adapt their roles to accommodate transformation within the sector. The challenge for professional developers is to understand and develop roles that effectively meet the diverse needs of key employee groups who are negotiating this massive change and, as a consequence, experiencing role conflict and ambiguity. Studies over the past 10 to 15 years have attempted to define models of effective professional development practice, but there is limited research on effectiveness indicators of professional developer roles in large-scale change. The research reported here addresses this gap. The paper presents a case study in which ten academic and general staff members developed a profile of indicators of an effective professional developer role in transformative change, and raises questions about the theoretical foundation and practice of professional development in higher education.




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