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We-B Centre, Edith Cowan University


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This article was originally published as: Oliver, R. G. (2001). Developing e-learning environments that support knowledge construction in higher education. Proceedings of 2001 International We-B Conference. (pp. 407-16). ECU, Perth, WA. We-B Centre, Edith Cowan University.


Much of the conventional development of Web-based learning environments the creation of electronic forms of existing print-based materials. In such instances the Web-based courses have tended to display limited evidence of an underpinning learning design and varying degrees of use of the opportunities and affordances of the new technologies. This paper provides an overview of instructional design principles that can guide the creation of Web-based learning materials that support learner engagement and knowledge construction. The paper describes the attributes of constructivist learning settings and provides some examples of explicit learning designs that can be applied in the design of Web-based learning environments. It describes strategies that are currently underway that are looking to provide ways to mainstream effective Web-based learning designs.