Library web site assessment

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Originally published as: White, R., Maj, S.P. (2001). Library web site assessment. In Managing Information Technology in a Global Economy, the proceedings of the Information Resources Management Association International Conference. (pp. 601 - 605). Original article available here


Libraries must increasingly compete as providers of information. Most, if not all, libraries now have a Web page that serves a variety of functions. Increasingly for some users the library web page may be their first introduction to a library. Furthermore, on-line use of library resources is becoming increasingly common. Accordingly an effective Web page design is essential. This paper presents a Web page assessment tool, developed by the authors, based on a model used in the e-commerce sector. This tool was used to analyze the Web pages of libraries in the Australian Vocational Education & Training sector. The results clearly show both the strengths and weaknesses of Web pages. The lack of a standard method and guidelines for web page authoring is discussed.