Choreograph3d: Collaborative Innovation through Dance and Multimedia

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This article was originally published as: McMahon, M. T., & Parrott, C. (2001). Choreograph3d: collaborative innovation through dance and multimedia. Proceedings of Apple University Consortium Academic and Developers Conference. (pp. 15-1 - 15-8). James Cook Univesity, QLD. Apple Computer. Conference website available here.


This paper discusses collaborative project which has been integrated into a course in 3 Dimensional Modelling and Animation at Edith Cowan University. This has traditionally proven to be a difficult unit to teach because of the complexity of 3D modelling applications and the need for students to work on an authentic project. This year has seen multimedia students collaborating with students of Dance at ECUÕs Academy of performing Arts to create an abstract dance piece that integrates real-life choreography with student 3 Dimensional animation. This work, CHOREOGRAPH3D, is demonstrating a potential for enhancing motivation with the use of a highly situated task and improved learning outcomes through the process of Collaborative Innovation that has been instigated.