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Journal Article


Edith Cowan University


Computing, Health and Science


School of Natural Sciences/Centre for Ecosystem Management




This article was originally published as: Scherrer, P. , Sheridan, L. M., Sibson, R. D., Ryan, M. M., & Henley, N. R. (2010). Employee engagement with a corporate physical activity program: the global corporate challenge. International Journal of Business Studies, 18(1), 125-139.


Employers engage with corporate physical activity programs to foster employee wellbeing with a view to reducing the costs of absence and recruitment. This study reports on employee engagement with a commercial program, the Global Corporate Challenge, in terms of motivation, barriers, team dynamics, social aspects and self-reported physical activity levels. It uses guided introspection to explore how participation affected employee's motivation to sustain regular physical activity within the workplace setting. The program raised awareness of employees' individual physical activity levels and fostered social interaction in the workplace. Findings highlight the importance of employers providing a supportive context, fostering staff-led team formation and considering motivational readiness of employees. They offer insights into how programs can be supported and constrained by the workplace culture.