A View from the Top: Manager's perspectives on family leisure in New Zealand

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Journal Article


Australian and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies


Business and Law


Marketing, Tourism and Leisure




This article was originally published as: Lamb, D. (2010). A View from the Top: Manager's perspectives on family leisure in New Zealand. Annals of leisure research, 13(3), 439-458.


Studies of family leisure in contemporary society are now a significant area of research and enquiry. This paper is based on the third stage of a research project which is being conducted on family leisure. The aim was to investigate the extent to which leisure facilities in Christchurch, New Zealand, could be considered ‘family-friendly’, and to determine how leisure facility managers in Christchurch plan, provide, and manage opportunities for family leisure. This involved interviews with 12 leisure facility managers who were recruited from a number of leisure facilities in Christchurch. The findings are presented according to several key themes that emerged from the data, including philosophy of provision; facility design; engaging with users; meeting needs; and facilitating family leisure. In the final section of this paper, a number of practical suggestions to enhance family leisure provision in Christchurch are suggested.

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