A lack of investigation? Reporting Tampa in Australia and Norway

Document Type

Journal Article


University of Queensland, School of Journalism and Communication


School of Communications and Multimedia




Josephi, B.U., Sjobrend, L. (2005). A lack of investigation? Reporting Tampa in Australia and Norway. Australian Studies in Journalism. 15. 92 - 118. Publishers website available here.


This article qualitatively assesses the reporting of the Tampa crisis in two national and two local papers in Norway and Australia. Special consideration is given to routines of reporting and how these routines rely on official sources. Its findings are that the coverage, in three of the papers, was shaped by favouring government sources and the episodic reporting of the quickly unfolding events. All but one paper chose their government's standpoint as their news frame and accordingly pursued no further investigation. Only the Australian gave the government's actions far greater scrutiny and attacked the government's policy on asylum seekers in its opinion pieces and editorials.