An approach to generate the thin-threads from the UML diagrams

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Bai,X., Lam,C.P., Li,H. (2004). An approach to generate the thin-threads from the UML diagrams. In Proceedings of the Twenty Eighth Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference. (pp.546-552) Original paper is available here


Software testing plays a crucial role in assuring software quality. One of the most important issues in software testing research is the generation of the test cases. For scenario-based software testing, the thin-threads, which are the usage scenarios in a software system from the end user's point of view, are frequently used to generate test cases. However, the generation of the thin-threads is not an easy task. A scenario-based business model has to be manually derived or labor-intensive business analysis has to be manually carried out in order to extract the thin-threads from a software system. In this work, we propose an automated approach to directly generate thin-threads from the UML artifacts. The generated thin-threads can be used to generate and to prioritize the test cases for scenario-based software testing.